Public space protection orders

Public space protection orders exist to promote responsible actions and restrict behaviour that is anti-social in our parks and other open spaces. 

Any behaviour can be restricted on any land, which is publicly accessible with or without payment. PSPOs should be proportionate and aimed at addressing a specific problem behaviour in an area.

There are a number of public space protection orders (PSPO) in operation across our District. You’ll find maps detailing each one further down this page.

Most orders are concerned with where you cannot walk your dog and where dogs must be kept on a lead.


Anti-social behaviour Orders

Balderton Lakes (PDF File, 1,943kb)

Coronation Park Balderton (PDF File, 1,944kb)

Lakeside Shopping Centre Balderton (PDF File, 2,165kb)

Newark Town Centre (PDF File, 2,705kb)

Alcohol control Orders

Newark Town Centre - Alcohol related controls (PDF File, 738kb)

Newark Town Centre - alcohol related controls map (PDF File, 1,827kb)

Fire related nuisance control Orders

Vicar Water Country Park (PDF File, 767kb)

Dog Control Orders

The power to introduce PSPOs was introduced by the anti social behaviour crime and policing act 2014. The legislation also states that all existing dog control orders will automatically convert to PSPOs on the 1st October 2017. The guidance also required that the dog control orders should be reviewed at this point. Consultation was carried out in Newark and Sherwood in 2017 and a revised scheme of PSPOs were approved in March 2018.

The Dogs on Leads by Direction (Newark and Sherwood District) Order 2010 (PDF File, 189kb)

The Fouling of Land by Dogs (Newark and Sherwood District) Order 2010 (PDF File, 200kb)

The Dogs Exclusion (Newark and Sherwood District) Order 2012 (PDF File, 3,110kb)

Exemptions for assistance dogs

There is no overarching statutory definition of an assistance dog, however, for the purpose of the PSPOs, there are certain exemptions for owners who:

  • are registered as a blind person
  • is deaf and relies on a dog trained by Hearing Dogs for Deaf People
  • have a disability affecting their mobility, manual dexterity or ability to lift, carry or move everyday objects, and rely upon an accredited assistance dog trained by accredited members of Assistance Dogs International (ADI) or the International Guide Dog Federation

 The PSPO will also not apply if:

  • the dog is working at the time of the incident in its role as an assistance dog with the person registered to require it
  • a disability is such that it prevents the person in control of an assistance dog from reasonably observing the PSPO

Exemptions for working dogs

You’ll be exempt if you have a working dog on land to which the PSPO applies while the dog is working.

This includes dogs that are being used for work in connection with emergency search and rescue, herding or shepherding animals, law enforcement and the work of the armed forces.

Newark and Sherwood Dog Control PSPO maps

Schedule 1

DCO088 The Fouling of Land by Dogs (PDF File, 1,174kb)

Schedule 2

DCO076 Marsh Lane Playing Field (PDF File, 149kb)

DCO078 Riverside Footpath (PDF File, 116kb)

DCO082 Fiskerton Village Green (PDF File, 75kb)

Schedule 3

DCO094 Old Chapel Field (PDF File, 53kb)

DCO110 Stokefield Farm (PDF File, 72kb)

DCO091 Froggatt's Field (PDF File, 109kb)

DCO113 Gunthorpe Playing Field (PDF File, 89kb)

DCO096 Gunthorpe Riverside (PDF File, 167kb)

DCO084 Halam Churchyard (PDF File, 52kb)

DCO080 Balderton Lakeside (PDF File, 222kb)

DCO085 London Road Cemetery (PDF File, 349kb)

DCO087 Former Minster School Playing Field (PDF File, 95kb)

DCO081 Henton Road Playground (PDF File, 55kb)

DCO078 Riverside Footpath (PDF File, 116kb)

DCO107 Rufford Country Park (PDF File, 2,859kb)

DCO082 Fiskerton Village Green (PDF File, 75kb)

DCO086 Rolleston Village Hall (PDF File, 60kb)

DCO092 War Memorial Recreation Ground (PDF File, 82kb)

Schedule 4

DCO068 Staythorpe Road (PDF File, 55kb)

DCO002 Beaumond Gardens (PDF File, 119kb)

DCO033 Beckitt's Field (PDF File, 80kb)

DCO028 Brewery Playing Field (PDF File, 59kb)

DCO013 Bridge Community Centre Play Area (PDF File, 100kb)

DCO071 Centenary Playing Fields (PDF File, 83kb)

DCO097 Chatham Court (PDF File, 83kb)

DCO011 Cherry Holt Play Area (PDF File, 56kb)

DCO041 Crompton Road Play Area (PDF File, 44kb)

DCO066 Sherwood Energy Village Play Area (PDF File, 121kb)

DCO035 Poplar Street Play Area (PDF File, 63kb)

DCO067 Oxton Play Area (PDF File, 51kb)

DCO032 Marsh Lane Playground (PDF File, 49kb)

DCO065 Stepnall Heights Play Area (PDF File, 48kb)

DCO009 Cleveland Square Play Area (PDF File, 65kb)

DCO112 Clipstone Cemetery (PDF File, 89kb)

DCO093 Coronation Street Multi Use Games Areas (PDF File, 74kb)

DCO041 Crompton Road Play Area (PDF File, 44kb)

DCO021 Dodsley Way Play Area (PDF File, 52kb)

DCO015 Edgehill Drive Play Area (PDF File, 53kb)

DCO064 Lowdham Village Hall Playing Field (PDF File, 58kb)

DCO037 Memorial Park Play Area (PDF File, 58kb)

DCO012 Fleming Drive Play Area (PDF File, 59kb)

DCO109 Forge Close Play Area (PDF File, 49kb)

DCO026 Fourth Avenue Play Area (PDF File, 47kb)

DCO098 Grange Road Flats (PDF File, 60kb)

DCO030 Greenwood Crescent Play Area (PDF File, 53kb)

DCO006 Grove Street Play Area (PDF File, 59kb)

DCO095 Gunthorpe Play Park (PDF File, 70kb)

DCO111 Howes Court (PDF File, 102kb)

DCO069 Jubilee Garden (PDF File, 41kb)

DCO061 Kneesall Car Park and Play Area (PDF File, 56kb)

DCO010 Lawrence Street Play Area (PDF File, 54kb)

DCO014 Linseed Avenue Play Area (PDF File, 54kb)

DCO044 Marriott Lane Playing Field (PDF File, 65kb) 

DCO018 Mead Way Play Area (PDF File, 45kb)  

DCO016 Newbury Road Play Area (PDF File, 67kb)

DCO106 Norwell Playpark (PDF File, 54kb)

DCO070 Norwood Gardens Play Area (PDF File, 54kb)

DCO027 Old Tannery Drive Play Area (PDF File, 48kb)

DCO053 Parfitt Drive Play Area (PDF File, 51kb)

DCO042 Blidworth Community Centre Play Area (PDF File, 58kb)

DCO040 Coronation Street Play Area (PDF File, 61kb)

DCO072 South Scarle Playground (PDF File, 54kb)

DCO034 Main Street Play Area (PDF File, 52kb)

DCO049 Henton Road Playground (PDF File, 58kb)

DCO075 Norwell Playing Field (PDF File, 107kb)DCO075 Norwell Playing Field (PDF File, 107kb)

DCO057 Hoveringham Playing Field (PDF File, 57kb)

PSP059 Kirton Playing Field (PDF File, 210kb)

DCO039 Potter Lane Play Area (PDF File, 59kb)

DCO073 Sutton on Trent Recreation Ground (PDF File, 56kb)

DCO008 Riverside Park Play Area (PDF File, 84kb)

DCO056 Halam School Playing Field (PDF File, 49kb)

DCO005 Sconce Hills and Devon Park Playground (PDF File, 80kb)

DCO003 Sherwood Avenue (Bowling Green and Tennis Courts) (PDF File, 95kb)

DCO004 Sherwood Avenue (Games Area and Playground) (PDF File, 77kb)

DCO045 Sherwood Avenue (Skateboard Park and Basketball Court)Blidworth DCO (PDF File, 47kb)

DCO074 Sherwood Fields (PDF File, 88kb)

DCO104 Smith/Noble/Haslam/Wilson/Jenison/Clifton Houses (PDF File, 87kb)

DCO019 Southfields Play Area (PDF File, 46kb)

DCO063 Southwell Road Sports Ground (PDF File, 113kb)

DCO062 Laxton Sports Ground and Play Area (PDF File, 88kb)

DCO058 St Michael's Churchyard and Cemetery (PDF File, 53kb)

DCO052 Station Lane Playground (PDF File, 53kb)

DCO024 Thorpe Close Play Area (PDF File, 42kb)

DCO025 Thorpe Oaks Play Area (PDF File, 65kb)

DCO001 Tolney Lane Playground (PDF File, 53kb)

DCO023 Vicar Water Play Area (PDF File, 59kb)

DCO060 Kneesall Village Green (PDF File, 50kb)

DCO047 Caunton Village Playing Field (PDF File, 68kb)

DCO050 Epperstone Village Playing Field (PDF File, 52kb)

DCO038 Walesby Village Hall (PDF File, 53kb)

DCO036 The War Memorial Ollerton (PDF File, 46kb)

DCO051 Wilson's Field (PDF File, 79kb)

DCO020 Worthington Road Play Area (PDF File, 45kb)


Byelaws are local rules often affecting activities such as littering, ball games in parks and dog fouling. 

More information about byelaws in Newark and Sherwood is available on our website.