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Update - 23rd March 2020

As a result of the measures introduced to tackle Covid-19 the work on the review of the Allocations & Development Management DPD will be unable to be progressed onto the next stage of public consultation in the foreseeable future. The Local Development Scheme will be updated, and a new programme made available once we are in a position to do so. Should you have any queries then please direct these to, though please note responses may take longer than usual.

Adopted Allocations & Development Management Development Plan Document

The Allocations & Development Management Development Plan Document (DPD) forms part of the district's Local Development Framework (LDF) and was adopted by full council on the 16 July 2013. This should be read in conjunction with the Council's Amended Core Strategy.

Please note that the Development Plan has been subsequently supplemented by Neighbourhood Plans covering Farnsfield, Fernwood, Southwell and Thurgarton parishes. 

Through the allocation of land for housing, employment and retail as well as the making of other designations the plan seeks to help deliver the approach to the District's future development set through our Amended Core Strategy (Adopted in March 2019). In addition to assist with the day-to-day assessment of planning applications the document also provides a suite of Development Management policies.

Adoption of the DPD follows its Examination by an independent Planning Inspector who, subject to a series of modifications, considered the DPD to be sound and to provide an appropriate basis for the planning of the District over the next 15 years.

These modifications were subject to review in terms of the implications for the Sustainability Appraisal (SA) and Assessment under the Habitats Regulations (HRA) and subject to a period of consultation alongside the SA and HRA reviews. The Inspectors Report provides further detail and is available to view below.

The Making of the Allocations & Development Management DPD

This section of the webpage details the stages in the production of the DPD leading up to its Adoption, starting with the most recent first. The Statement of Consultation and Representation (PDF File, 3,143kb) outlines the main issues and outcomes from the various stages of the Plans preparation.


The Examination of the DPD was carried out by an independent Planning Inspector, whose role was to consider whether the Plan’s preparation complied with the duty to co-operate, whether the Plan is sound and whether it is compliant with the legal requirements. The National Planning Policy Framework (paragraph 182) sets out that to be sound, a Local Plan should be positively prepared; justified; effective and consistent with national policy. Examination of the DPD followed its Submission to the Secretary of State.

More detail on the Examination of the DPD and the supporting documentation is available to view through the link below.

As part of the DPDs Examination a range of 'minor' and 'main' modifications to the Submission DPD were identified. The minor modifications related to minor textual and grammatical amendments, whilst the main modifications concerned amendments to the content of allocations and the wording of policies etc which were considered necessary for the DPD to be sound in planning terms.

These modifications were subject to consultation with the main modifications being considered by the Inspector in making her recommendations. Further detail on the modifications as set out by the Council and subject to consultation following the hearing sessions can be viewed below, whilst the Inspectors Report (available above) sets out the Inspectors recommendations following the Examination and modifications consultation.

Strategic Policies for the Purposes of Neighbourhood Planning (19th September - 15th October 2012)

Following Submission of the DPD it was necessary for the Council to make a judgement about what within the DPD should be regarded as 'strategic' for the purposes of Neighbourhood Planning. The system of Neighbourhood Planning, allows Parish and Town Council’s to produce plans and orders to guide development at a local level. Importantly one of the requirements of such plans and orders is that they should be in line with the ‘Strategic Policies’ of the Local Development Framework.

Accordingly a review of which aspects of the Allocations and Development Management DPD should be considered as strategic was undertaken and then subject to a period of consultation which concluded on the 15th October 2012. The comments received were reviewed and provided to the Planning Inspector leading the Examination of the DPD. Details of the review can be viewed below.

Submission to the Secretary of State (10th September 2012)

Following the approval gained from Full Council the Allocations & Development Management DPD was, on the 10th September 2012, submitted to the Secretary of State in order for it to be Examined by an Independent Planning Inspector.

Having considered the matters raised by the Representations received on the Publication DPD and those identified from a visit carried out by a planning inspector the local planning authority identified a small number of 'main modifications' to the content of the DPD. In addition to these 'main modifications' there are also other modifications which were intended to address the consistency in policy requirements, clearly identify their delivery and to amend spelling and grammatical errors.

The DPD as submitted was therefore made up of the:

Publication Stage (Monday 18th June - Monday 30th July 2012)

The publication stage of the DPD differed from the previous stages in that it represented the version of the document that the Council wishes to submit to the Secretary of State for examination and following this to adopt. Following the close of the Representation Period meetings of Cabinet and Full Council on the 6th September 2012 considered the submission of the DPD.

Further information on the production of the DPD and how the Plan changed between the preceding stages can be found in the 

Made available alongside the Publication DPD were the:

Additional Sites and Development Management Consultation Papers (March - May 2012)

A number of sites were however put forward as part of the Options Report consultation which had not previously been considered as part of the allocations process. These sites had the potential to be considered as reasonable alternatives to the sites which the Council has previously considered. Therefore it was necessary for consultation to be undertaken on these additional sites.

Comments were also sought at the Options Report stage on the scope of proposed Development Management policies for eventual inclusion within the DPD. Following this further work, more detailed Development Management policies were produced for consultation between the 20 March and 1 May 2012.

Options Report Stage (October - November 2011)

The first stage in the production of the Allocation & Development Management DPD was the Allocations & Development Management DPD - Options Report (PDF File, 25,987kb) which underwent public consultation between the 3 October and 25 November 2011. The Sustainability Appraisal and Habitats Regulations Assessment of the document can be viewed through the links below.

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Current Status

Allocations & Development Management DPD Adopted

The Allocations & Development Management DPD was Adopted at a meeting of Full Council on 16th July 2013. This Adoption completes the replacement of the Local Plan through the LDF.

Please see the main part of this webpage for further details of this Adoption and the period of legal challenge.

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