Prevent an emergency ruining your business


If these hit your business, would you be able to keep going?

Natural disasters, loss of key suppliers and other emergencies can affect any business, from the multi-national corporations to the small corner shop.  But there are ways that these risks can be reduced.  The role of Business Continuity Management (BCM) is to assist the continued operation of a business in the face of unexpected events and adversity – whether natural or man-made.  In essence, business continuity is about planning and preparing for the worst.

Support for businesses

Creating a plan

Nottinghamshire Prepared website gives guidance on preparing a Business Continuity Plan and the risks that we all face in Nottinghamshire.


Fire can devastate a business, not only by loss of stock and buildings but also computer systems and important papers. Insurance can cover some costs, but the impact of long term loss of trade whilst a business is unable to run can be difficult to prevent. For information on how to protect your business from fire visit Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service


Flood, like fire, can wipe out stock, computer systems, papers and vehicles.  Again it can result in long term repairs which can mean buildings are out of use for weeks and even months.  Again there are measures that you can take to protect or reduce the risk to your business.  The Environment Agency website can offer advice.

Computer Fraud and Cyber Attacks

Computer fraud is becoming more and more prevalent.  Having your computer system hacked can not only put your own business at risk, but leave you open to investigation under data protection if details of customers are stolen.  Your reputation could also be damaged irreversibly. Check out Get Safe Online for details on how to ensure your systems are safe.

Supplier Failure

Does your business rely on a small number of suppliers? What if they went out of business overnight and tomorrow didn’t exist. Having not only robust contracts, but also having backups and alterative plans, could prevent your business from being dragged down by another.

The Business Continuity Institute surveys businesses annually to assess resilience against supply failure: The Business Continuity Institute

Crime Prevention

Burglary or robberies can not only mean a loss of goods but also can be a risk of harm to staff and customers. There are steps that can be taken to make you, your business and your staff less vulnerable to crime, Nottinghamshire police offer advice and support: Nottinghamshire Police

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