Students get to grips with government for UK Parliament Week

Posted on: Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Students at Newark College gained a fascinating insight into how government works last Monday. As part of UK Parliament Week, they were visited by the Deputy Leader of Newark and Sherwood District Council, Councillor Rowan Cozens, who spoke about her role in local government as well as that of other representatives at a local and national level and the importance of voting.

Councillor Cozens said: “It was great to meet the students at Newark College. They really engaged with the topic and asked some brilliant questions which showed how lively and curious these young minds were. We covered a range of subjects from what local politics means and how it fits into the wider picture, to the Nolan principles of public life, the Suffrage Movement and how recently women were given the vote.

Questions were wide ranging from ‘who fixes the roads?’ to ‘how do you find out the truth about politicians before you vote?’ and ‘should you vote for a party or the next prime minister?’. Thank you to Penny Taylor for facilitating the event; the students really impressed me and I feel the future is safe in their hands.

Penny Taylor MBE, Head of Newark Campuses, said: “UK Parliament week is a perfect opportunity to introduce events and activities that connect students with Parliament and their local council.  The focus of the events is to inform and empower students with skills needed in relation to debate, confidence and accountability. With a focus on democracy this allows us to begin to support students in understanding why they vote and how their vote impacts their local community, as well as how they can play a part in changing the landscape of where they live.”

UK Parliament Week is an annual event which has been running since 2011 with the aim of encouraging young people to engage with their government, to use their vote and have their voice heard. Find out more about the initiative at