Recycling helps reduce the amount of rubbish we send to landfill. It conserves resources by processing old items into new ones.

It also protects the environment by reducing the need to extract, refine and process new raw materials, which creates substantial air and water pollution.

Recycle in Nottinghamshire

We operate a kerbside recycling scheme in the District via your silver bin for recycling waste. Through this service you can recycle most clean paper, tins, cardboard and some plastics.

Local recycling centres

You can access a number of recycling centres in the District run by Nottinghamshire County Council to recycle a number of items.

Glass Recycling

More information about our kerbside glass recycling service is available on our website. There are also bottle banks in the district as well.

School recycling

There are lots of ways schools can reduce the amount of waste they produce and throw away every day. Find out more about our schools’ recycling service and how your school can get involved on our website.

Recycle electrical items

It’s important to recycle old electrical items as they can be harmful to the environment if disposed of in your general waste.

Any electrical items, large or small, can be recycled at our local Recycling Centres. For a small fee, you can also have most large electrical items collected for recycling through our bulky waste service.

Battery recycling

Did you know we’ll collect used batteries for recycling direct from your home? Once you’ve filled a bag with household batteries of any size (no car batteries, please), simply leave it on top of your green bin (where our collection teams can clearly see it) and we’ll take it away.

Most large shops and supermarkets which stock batteries provide recycling bins in store which can be used if you don’t want to store used batteries at home. Our local recycling centres also accept old batteries. 

It’s also worth considering rechargeable batteries as they can be used over and over again. Some of the best batteries will last for 200 or more charges before their capacity decreases.

Ink cartridges

Ink cartridges from printers and photocopiers can often be recycled at supermarkets and other shops and recycling centres. Some can also be refilled and used again.


We've teamed up with Recycleopedia so that you can find out what day to day household items you can recycle and how.

Simply enter the item you want to recycle and your Nottinghamshire postcode and it will tell you if it belongs in your recycling or general waste bin, or if you need to take them to a recycling site or request a special collection.

If you are trying to recycle an item that doesn’t show on the list, you can let Nottinghamshire County Council know on the next page.

Check what you can recycle | Nottinghamshire County Council