Workforce profiles

We want to ensure our employment practices are free from discrimination.

To help us to do this we collect certain information from our staff about their age, gender, race and any disabilities. We use this information to monitor trends, making changes to policies, practices and procedures as needed. It also helps us to meet our obligations under the Equality Act 2010.

Information we collect and hold includes:

The disclosure of this equalities information is voluntary and anyone can choose not to share it.

We carry out an annual data quality check to validate the information we hold and encourage staff to share equalities information to help improve the data we hold and, in turn, the policies we create and amend based on it.

Read more about our commitment to equality, diversity and human rights.

Job evaluation

We use the Greater London job evaluation scheme for green book employees to objectively assess all our jobs and determine the appropriate grade. This system ensures each of our jobs is graded appropriately, based on the knowledge and skills required to carry out the duties of the post. This helps eliminate equalities issues.

For chief officers we use the senior manager job evaluation scheme. 

We have been awarded the Two Tick disability symbol user status, which recognises our commitment to increasing the number of disabled people we employ. We are also a mindful employer and support age positive job applications.