What is an e-petition?

E-petitions allow you to have your petition on the internet, rather than just on paper. This way, your petition and supporting information can be made available to a potentially much wider audience, giving you the opportunity to gather more names to support the petition.

E-petitions also allows you to support a petition by adding your name and address online.

In general, a petition should include a brief title and a short statement covering the subject matter of the petition. The petition should clearly state what action the petitioner wishes the council to take. The petition will be returned to the petitioner for further clarification should this be unclear.

What does an e-petition need to contain?

You will be asked to give your name, address, email address and the title and text of your petition.  You will be able to specify a start and finish date for your petition.

The information contained in a petition must be submitted in good faith and be decent, honest and respectful.  If factual inaccuracies are found in your e-petition, we will contact you to point these out and give you an opportunity to reconsider the wording of your petition.

Why might an e-petition be refused?

E-Petitions will be rejected if they are defamatory, frivolous, offensive or factually inaccurate.
Any e-petitions that are rejected will be published on this website, along with the reason(s) why it was rejected.

What happens when the e-petition closes?

Our response to a petition will depend on what a petition asks for and how many people have signed it, but may include one or more of the following:

  • taking the action requested in the petition
  • considering the petition at a Council meeting
  • holding an inquiry into the matter
  • undertaking research into the matter
  • holding a public meeting
  • holding a consultation
  • holding a meeting with petitioners
  • calling a referendum
  • writing to the petition organiser setting out our views about the request in the petition


If an e-petition receives 500 signatures, it can be presented by the principal petitioner or by a councillor on his or her behalf at a meeting of full council. 
How do I create an e-petition?

Please complete the Create an e-Petition online form.  We will contact you if we require any further information.

Current Petitions

ePetition - Opposition to Planning Application 16/01991/FUL

Rejected Petitions

There are currently no rejected petitions.

Closed petitions

Refuse the application for the demolition of The Sawmill pub

Save Newark and Sherwood badgers from culling

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