Infrastructure delivery plan

The Infrastructure Delivery Plan has helped us gather information on current infrastructure provision throughout the district and to establish future infrastructure requirements and costs.

Infrastructure Delivery Plan Update (2023)

TI 2 Infrastructure Delivery Plan 2023 Update (PDF File, 740kb)

TI 4 - Transport Final (PDF File, 9,117kb)

TI 5 Infrastruture Delivery Plan Update 2022 Appendices (PDF File, 803kb)

Infrastructure Delivery Plan (2017)

Infrastructure Delivery Plan Feb 2017 (PDF File, 13,729kb)

Infrastructure Delivery Plan (PDF File, 3,879kb)

Appendix 1.1 Schedule of Information Received (PDF File, 38kb)

Appendix 2 Administrative Boundary of the IDP Study Area (PDF File, 1,538kb)

Appendix 3.1 Preferred Residential Growth Option (PDF File, 31kb)

Appendix 3.2 Preferred Employment Development Option (PDF File, 29kb)

Appendix 4 Key Sites (PDF File, 239kb)

Appendix 5.1 2026 Network Stress Plan Base + Committed AADT (Rural Network) (PDF File, 749kb)

Appendix 5.2 Stress Plan (Rural) Preferred Scenario (PDF File, 719kb)

Appendix 6 Flood Risk IDP Matrix (PDF File, 81kb)

Appendix 7.1 Utilities Development Sites and Settlement Clusters (PDF File, 1,483kb)

Appendix 8.1 Strategic Gas Transmission and Distribution Assets (PDF File, 1,634kb)

Appendix 8.2 Strategic Electricity Distribution Network (PDF File, 1,842kb)

Appendix 8.3 BT Telephone Exchange Data (PDF File, 1,580kb)

Appendix 9.1 Minutes of Meeting (PDF File, 77kb)

Appendix 10.1 Green Infrastructure Existing Provision (PDF File, 42kb)

Appendix 10.2 Green Infrastructure Shortfalls Under Preferred Scenario (PDF File, 44kb)

Appendix 10.3 Green Infrastructure Status Changes Under Preferred Scenario (PDF File, 119kb)

Appendix 11 Preferred Growth Scenario Delivery Programme (PDF File, 48kb)

Appendix 12.1 Draft Development Programme for Strategic Sites (PDF File, 123kb)