Graffiti and fly-posting

It is our policy that we will remove offensive, abusive or racist graffiti from private property or public buildings free of charge but we require the owner’s permission.

We will also remove graffiti on other similar land or buildings.

If you have seen any offensive or racist graffiti, please let us know.


Fly posting, which is putting up unauthorised posters and stickers, usually adverts, in public places, can be unsightly and make an area feel unsafe and uncared for. The council is responsible for items attached to the highway - trees, bridges, lamp posts, road signs and other street furniture. If private property is involved (e.g. phone boxes or empty shops) then the council has no jurisdiction.

Why is it a problem?

The council has a statutory duty to keep the district clean. Fly posting is unsightly and spoils the environment. If it is not removed the posters slowly rot, becoming more unsightly and causing litter. In addition, the businesses involved are gaining an unfair advantage over their law-abiding competitors by not paying for advertising space.

What we do about it

As well as removing fly posting, the enforcement team takes action against the people responsible. We have powers to prosecute both the people putting up the material and the businesses being advertised. We are building a database of offenders and we aim to prosecute any business that is caught more than once.

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