Your tenancy agreement

As a council tenant, you will have one of two types of tenancy:

  • introductory tenancy - typically a twelve month trial period
  • secure tenancy - typically granted to new council tenants who have successfully completed their introductory tenancy or tenants who transfer from an existing Newark and Sherwood District Council tenancy to another council tenancy

Find out more about tenancy types on the website.

XL Bully dog ownership

In response to the UK government adding the XL Bully Dog to the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 we have introduced a new policy setting out how we will manage the keeping of the dog breed in the District Council's housing. 

Newark and Sherwood District Council XL Bully policy (PDF File, 189kb)

The policy should be read alongside the Tenancy Agreement as failure to comply with the requirements set out within will result in a breach of tenancy.

This policy applies to existing tenants only; the Council will not give permission to new tenants moving into a Newark and Sherwood District Council property to keep an XL Bully.

Government legislation

Owners wishing to keep their XL Bully in line with the new legislation must have by 31 January 2024 a Certificate of Exemption. The Certificate of Exemption has strict requirements, including:

  • third party public liability insurance held by the owner, which must include clauses related to banned dogs – evidence of suitable insurance must be provided on application
  • the dog must be neutered and evidence of this from a certified vet must be provided on application- dogs under one year when the ban comes in must be neutered by the end of the year, older dogs must be neutered by the end of June 2024
  • the dog must be microchipped with suitable evidence and microchip number must be provided
  • kept on a lead and muzzled at all times when in public
  • kept in a secure place so it cannot escape
  • ownership by someone over the age of 16
  • payment of the application fee of £92.50

Newark and Sherwood District Council agreement

The District Council will allow tenants who owned an XL Bully prior to the 31 January 2024 to keep their dog/s providing:

  • they ask for the Council’s permission
  • full compliance with the Government requirements as set out at as above, and the provision of evidence i.e., the Certificate of Exemption and Third-Party Liability Insurance Certificate
  • that the Council upholds no complaints relating to the dog ownership, or related behaviour that would be a breach of tenancy (excluding the explicit condition relating to ownership of a banned breed)
  • that any permission will be withdrawn if there is an incident involving an XL bully – and appropriate action for breach of tenancy will commence as with an incident with any other animal

If you have any queries please contact us or get in touch with your Tenancy Officer. 

Your tenancy agreement

Your tenancy agreement (PDF File, 512kb) sets out your responsibilities including:

  • paying your rent in full and on time to maintain a clear rent account
  • repairing certain items around your home to a good standard - find out the repairs you’re responsible for
  • reporting repairs we need to undertake in your home
  • living in your property as your only or main home
  • not being or causing nuisance

It also details your rights, including:

The tenancy agreement also includes the Council's responsibilities as your landlord including:

  • undertaking repairs and maintenance
  • providing advice and assistance on your tenancy
  • investing in your property
  • maintaining communal and estate facilities
  • providing access to and information on your rent account

Following the transfer of services back into the Council from Newark and Sherwood Homes the amendments in the documents below apply to all tenancy agreements issued before this date.

Tenancy Agreement Table of Changes February 2020 (PDF File, 536kb)