Careline is a service run for residents of Newark and Sherwood district. Also known as a Lifeline service, it can support you to live independently in your home, knowing there is always someone there to answer your call and providing peace of mind for you and for your family and friends. The service is particularly useful to older residents, anyone with mobility issues and disabled people.

Providing a lifeline

Careline can be used to raise an alarm call from anywhere in your home. Simply press your Careline pendant, or the large red button on the main unit to call for assistance.

The Careline is monitored by our locally based, trained and professional staff 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. If you need urgent assistance or are worried, we’re just a push of the button away and we will get you the assistance that you need.

We will always answer your call. If you have a Careline with us we’ll know who you are, where you live and what your circumstances are, including any medical conditions you have.

We can call a neighbour, family member or emergency service for you if you need them, because we have the necessary information on file.

To request a Careline, or to find out more, contact us.

Our service

Careline provides 24 hour monitoring, 365 days a year from our local call centre. It’s not intrusive but is there if you need it. You’ll pay a quarterly rental charge which includes monitoring and maintenance and the service can be cancelled at any time.

To have Careline fitted you just need a telephone landline socket with a power socket close by.  You’ll also need to nominate key holder contacts in the event of an emergency. This can be family, neighbours or friends.

Additional monitoring options

Once you have a Careline in your home, we can also install additional equipment to help keep you safe, including:

  • smoke alarms linked to your lifeline unit using wifi technology - the unit raises an alarm call at our monitoring centre as well as an audible alarm within your home to alert you to a fire
  • carbon monoxide alarm providing an immediate alert to the monitoring centre if dangerous CO emissions have been detected in your home - these can be cause by a blocked flue or fault in a fuel burning appliance
  • flood detector alarm providing an early warning of flood situations such as taps being left on - the detector is placed on a flat surface close to a bath, wash basin or sink where a flood or leak is likely to occur
  • bed occupancy sensor to protect anyone who gets up from their bed during the night and fails to return after a specified period of time - the sensor can also detect if clients have failed to go to bed at night or have not got up in the morning and will alert the monitoring centre
  • panic alarm trigger placed on the door or wall - it can be pressed when the person feels panic or threatened when opening the door and a silent call will be sent to the monitoring centre which they can listen to, raising the appropriate help if needed
  • fall detectors worn on the wrist that automatically raise an alert to the monitoring centre if it senses the user has fallen - the unit also enables the wearer to easily call for help by manually pressing the button, a confirmation that an alert has been raised is given by an LED lighting up during the 20 second period after a fall is detected

If you already have Careline and would like to ask about the additional equipment options, or you do not currently have Careline and would like to learn more about whether the service is right for you or someone you care for, please get in touch.