Industrial emissions

Some industrial activities which emit substances into the environment could be harmful to wildlife, ecosystems or human health unless they’re controlled. 

Industrial emissions are regulated and controlled under the Environmental Permitting Regulations 2010 which integrate the previous waste management licensing and pollution prevention and control regimes. 

Apply online for a local authority environmental permit.

Who needs an environmental permit?

The types of industry covered range from refining gas to glass and tyre manufacturing. You’ll find the full list of regulated facilities and guidance on categories on the website.

If you carry out any of these activities you’ll need to either obtain a permit or register an exemption. You’ll find more information on exemptions, on our exempt waste operations page.

How much will it cost?

There’s an application fee and an annual subsistence for the permit. Download a list of the latest charges for environmental permits (PDF File, 135kb) in Newark and Sherwood.

Industry regulated by Newark and Sherwood District Council

A2 installations

We control and issue permits for A2 installations, which have the potential to pollute more than one medium (air, water and land) and will have a moderate environmental impact. 

If you’re a new operator requiring an A2 permit or an existing operator wanting to apply to vary, transfer or surrender your permit, get in touch with us to request an application form on

Part B installations

We also issue permits for Part B installations which have the potential to pollute air only and have lower environmental impact. 

Examples of Part B installations include:

  • car re-sprayers
  • cement batching plants
  • timber processing works
  • users of large quantities of solvents 

If you are a new or existing operator you can apply for a new Part B permit or vary, transfer or surrender your permit online. 

Specific application forms are available for many non-standard Part B processes. Email if you’re unsure which permit you require and we’ll send you the correct form. 

Download a list of  current Part A2 and Part B installations in Newark and Sherwood (PDF File, 176kb).

As of 6 April 2016 small waste oil burners (SWOB's) were removed from the environmental permitting regime as Part B processes by DEFRA. That means it’s now illegal to use a waste oil burner to burn waste oil unless you obtain a Schedule 13A permit from us. However the cost of the application, annual subsistence and emissions monitoring required means that this is not a viable option for some operators. SWOB's can still be used if non-waste fuel such as heating oil is used and no permit is required for this. Contact us at for more information.

Failure to obtain or comply with a permit

Permits are issued with conditions relating to:

  • the management of the site
  • emission limits
  • any other process controls that the operator must comply with. 

Conditions within the permit are based on information provided in process guidance notes (PG notes). These are issued by the Government and specific to each industrial sector. Please contact us on if you would like a copy of the relevant notes for your industry or process. 

You’re breaking the law if you fail to comply with permit conditions or the operation of a process without an appropriate permit and this can result in heavy fines. The Council regularly inspects sites with permits to ensure that conditions are being complied with. 

Industry regulated by the Environment Agency

A1 installations include more complex and potentially more polluting activities. The increased potential for significant impact on the environment makes them subject to more rigorous controls. Permits for A1 installations are controlled by the Environment Agency. 

Find out more about A1 installations and apply for a permit for this type of activity from the Environment Agency. 

You’ll find a list of current A1 processes on the Environment Agency public register webpage.

Recent Permit Applications

Members of the public and other interested parties can comment on current permit applications and have 30 working days to view and issue their comments.

Current applications:

Application reference: 23/00002/A2 – A16

Operator name: Jon Walker Timber Limited

Installation name and address: Jon Walker Timber Products, Leach Way, Blidworth, Nottinghamshire, NG21 0RU

Type of process: A2 Timber Treatment

To view application documents or to submit comments on the application, please contact Environmental Health, Newark and Sherwood District Council, Castle House, Great North Road, Newark, Notts, NG24 1BY or  Any written comments will be placed on the public register unless a valid reason for their omission is provided. Any comments or representations need to be made by 13.12.23.