Empty buildings

Empty buildings can detract from the quality of an area. They may also cause a nuisance to surrounding homes and businesses.

Poorly maintained buildings may be targeted by vandals and arsonists and attract anti-social behaviour, squatting or drug dealing. Poor conditions may also attract pests, cause damp or structural problems to neighbouring buildings and may be hazardous to the general public.

Empty homes

Empty homes restrict local housing supply and are a wasted resource. Our first course of action is always to engage with the current owners to find suitable solutions.

We may take enforcement action if re-occupation of empty properties has not been achieved through voluntary means.

The Council’s powers can include compulsory purchase and enforced sale, or taking over the running of a property through empty dwelling management orders.

Vacant commercial premises

We can deal with issues on problem sites, asking the owners to take measures like enhancing the security of the site or removing hazardous materials.

For further information on empty buildings, or to report nuisance problems related to a site or building near you, contact our customer services team.