Newark Town Centre Masterplan

Newark is a unique town that has plenty of potential. It’s well-connected, has a rich history, contains a great marketplace in its centre, and features a vast number of excellent independent shops.

Residents, retailers, businesses and visitors are passionate about the area but like any town, it has its challenges and obstacles to overcome.

To identify what residents love most about the area and to look at how the market town can be made a better place for residents, visitors, and businesses, we're working with various professional teams to understand what people want from their town centre to help shape its future. 

Along with Historic England and architects Allies and Morrison, we will be holding a number of public consultation workshops and events throughout the next few months for anyone with an interest in the future of Newark who is able to attend and share their views on the town centre.  Running alongside these will be a series of online surveys to gather lots of useful information to help shape plans for the future of Newark.

A short survey was launched in which residents were asked a series of questions about what buildings people like the most in Newark Town Centre, how visitors use the town, how people would like to describe Newark Town Centre.

All of the information gathered over the next few months will be used to create a new Town Centre Masterplan and Design Code, which will help shape the town centre plans for new buildings, spaces and activities in Newark Town Centre.

A masterplan is a long-term plan which sets out where and how physical spaces in the town centre can and should change. We want to look to the future whilst also protecting the special character of your town.

Thank you to everyone that contributed to the first stage of the Newark Town Centre Masterplan consultation. Whether you filled in the online survey, attended the workshop or visited our market stall, your feedback will help form options for Newark Town Centre’s future development. These options will be presented to the public early next year. You will be able to share your thoughts and let us know which options and ideas you like so that we can prepare the final version of the plan for consultation in the summer.

There will be further stages of consultation as the projects develop. Find out more about the consultations on the Masterplan website.