Remember, remember these tips for a cleaner, safer, greener 5th November!

Posted on: Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Newark and Sherwood District Council is reminding residents about the importance of safety, and how to be cleaner and greener during Bonfire Night this year.

Bonfire Night can be an exciting evening for all the family to enjoy, and there are plenty of fun events to join around the district. However, it is important for residents to remain safe, and, where possible, be kind to the planet by cleaning up after themselves and choosing more sustainable options for various elements of the night.

Safety is extremely important during Bonfire Night, especially with many of the activities we enjoy being potential fire hazards if not conducted safely. Here are some important reminders to keep you and your family safe when celebrating:

  • We recommend that you visit an organised display to see a firework display. Fireworks can be extremely dangerous. Organised events will be creating magical displays with lots of fantastic fireworks, in a safe and isolated location.
  • We also suggest visiting an organised event for the brilliant bonfire! Bonfires can be many people’s favourite part of the evening but are a fire hazard and can quickly get out of control if not monitored closely.
  • If you are lighting sparklers always make sure there is a bucket of water to place the used sparklers in once finished or extinguish the sparklers if needed. And always wear gloves!
  • Be mindful of your pets! Fireworks can be frightening for many animals so try to reduce their exposure to them by taking dogs out for walks earlier in the day before fireworks start and closing windows and putting on background noise to reduce the sounds once the displays begin.

Like many large events Bonfire Night can cause a huge amount of waste and can cause problems for wildlife. Here are some tips:

  • Do not burn your waste on the bonfire! Items like plastic, rubber, glass, oils, or metal can be a pollution risk if burnt.
  • If you are having a party at home have a think about the food and drink you are providing, opt for reusable cutlery and plates, box up leftovers for people to take home to limit food waste, and make your own treats instead of buying pre-packaged ones!
  • Don’t use sky lanterns! They might look beautiful, but they can pose a danger to animals including birds becoming trapped in the frames or being eaten by animals once they fall back down to earth. They are a fire risk, can destroy habitats and take decades to degrade. Please be aware that sky lanterns are banned in the District Council’s parks.
  • Be mindful of wildlife! Hedgehogs can mistake the bonfires we build for a cosy new home, so please always check any bonfire thoroughly before lighting.

Councillor Roger Jackson, Portfolio Holder for Cleaner, Safer, Greener at Newark and Sherwood District Council, said: “Bonfire Night is a fantastic evening for family and friends to spend together.  However, it is important that we all feel safe as we celebrate, and our community isn’t impacted negatively as we do so.

“I encourage residents to think about the advice the District Council gives here, including avoiding creating their own bonfires and setting off their own fireworks. Organised events not only help to keep everyone safe, but they are also a chance to socialise with friends and neighbours, and you will be supporting a local club or village hall!”

The District Council is encouraging residents to be rewarded for their safer, cleaner, and greener behaviour by logging their activities with Green Rewards.

Residents can earn points for activities such as shopping locally for their bonfire night treats, supporting wildlife, and more! Each month two residents are selected to win a £20 voucher to spend locally.

To find out more visit: Residents can sign up to Green Rewards, for free, at: