Are you Bin Smart?

Only these items can go into your silver recycling bin.

Please remember your recyclable material should be clean, dry, empty and loose. Please do not put your recyclable items in plastic bags.

The general rule to avoid contaminating your bin is if in doubt then leave it out.

Thank you for recycling!



Paper Tick - acceptable recycing item Newspapers
Tick - acceptable recycing item Envelopes
Tick - acceptable recycing item Magazines and catalogues
Tick - acceptable recycing item Junk mail

Tins and Cans

Tins and Cans Tick - acceptable recycing item Food tins
Tick - acceptable recycing item Drink cans
Tick - acceptable recycing item Aerosol cans


Cardboard Tick - acceptable recycing item Cereal boxes
Tick - acceptable recycing item Egg boxes
Tick - acceptable recycing item Cardboard tubes


Plastics Tick - acceptable recycing item Drinks bottles (e.g. pop, squash, milk)
Tick - acceptable recycing item Shower gel and shampoo bottles
Tick - acceptable recycing item Cleaning product bottles
Tick - acceptable recycing item Yoghurt pots
Tick - acceptable recycing item Margarine tubs

Recycling in Nottinghamshire

Find out how to recycle common waste, find out about recycling plastics, paper and card, metal, glass, garden waste and other items.

Missed silver bins

We will return for missed bins, please put out any extra recyclable waste in a cardboard box on your next recycling collection day, or you can take extra recyclables to your nearest recycling centre.

Contaminated silver bins

If your silver bin has been contaminated with items that cannot be taken to the county’s recycling facility then we will leave a sticker on the bin. 

Please contact us to arrange a collection we will advise what was wrong with it and what to do next.

You can notify us online that your silver bin has been contaminated and has not been collected.

Common items that will contaminate your silver bin

  • Glass
  • Plastic food trays and punnets
  • Food waste
  • Bottle tops and lids
  • Plastic bags and cling film
  • Shredded paper
  • Foil
  • Food and drink cartons 
  • Pet food pouches
  • Pet bedding
  • Nappies
  • Textiles

Missing and lost bins

My bin has gone missing - what should I do?

If you need a replacement bin contact our customer services team. We can make a discretionary charge for missing or damaged bins.

Please note we are out of stock of green bins and expecting the next delivery at the end of February. Please only register for a replacement bin once.

Damaged bins

Please report damaged bins to us so that we can arrange a replacement. We can make a discretionary charge for missing or damaged bins.

Please note we are out of stock of green bins and expecting the next delivery at the end of February. Please only register for a replacement bin once.

Bin exchanges

Do you require a smaller or larger bin?

Please note that if you are requesting a larger bin size you need 6 or more people to be living in your house and an inspection will be required to make the exchange. 

Assisted collection

Do you struggle to put your bin out for collection?

We may be able to help. Contact us for an assessment.

Bins for new properties

If you have recently moved into a new property and require bins please contact us.  There is a charge for new bins, which covers the purchase and delivery costs associated with establishing the collection.

If you are a property developer and require new bins for a property, you will need to contact us directly on 01636 650000.

Glass recycling collections

We are not currently considering the introduction of a kerbside glass recycling service for two main reasons.

We already deliver a successful glass recycling service based on community bring sites (bottle banks) located around the district. This is a practicable and workable solution for a large rural district council like Newark and Sherwood. Currently glass cannot be recycled through the Mansfield MRF (Materials Recovery Facility) run by Veolia. We have a separate contract for its disposal via local community-based bottle banks. Current figures indicate that we are diverting around 60% of the total glass used by residents and businesses away from the general waste stream. This is comparable with kerbside systems.

The cost of introducing a kerbside glass system requiring additional bins, vehicles and manpower is huge. It is difficult to produce a business case that justifies the cost of such a service when considering the additional amount of glass that could be collected over and above that which we already capture.

How we work together in Nottinghamshire

Nottinghamshire County Council is the statutory Waste Disposal Authority (WDA).

They are responsible for recycling, reprocessing, treatment and disposal of all local authority waste collected in Nottinghamshire.

This included the waste collected by the 7 district and borough councils and includes waste collected at recycling centres.

Veolia is the Waste Management Contractor for Nottinghamshire.

Nottinghamshire County Council and Veolia have a 26 year contract which was signed in June 2006.

Currently less than 5% of waste on Nottinghamshire is sent to landfill.

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