Southwell Street Scene Team Focus Week

Posted on: Wednesday, June 12, 2024

An intensive program of activities to clean, tidy and improve Southwell, using sustainable alternatives, is being undertaken this week as part of Great Big Green Week!

The District Council’s Street Scene Team started their work on Monday morning, dedicating their time and resources to performing maintenance work across the Southwell to enhance the town’s environment, all while upholding a commitment to sustainability.

In a significant move towards eco-friendly practices, the Street Scene Team has adopted mechanical sweeping methods as a sustainable alternative to chemical weeds control, eliminating the need for harmful pesticides.

Over the course of the week the Street Scene Team will be conducting sweeps around designated footpaths, car parks and communal areas of Burgage Court, Bramley Close play park, Coghill Court, Kings Court, Norwood Gardens, Town Mill Close and Westhorpe.

Limiting pesticide use has been found to not only provide health and safety benefits, but it can also help support and protect biodiversity by allowing wildflowers, insects, birds and mammals to thrive, alongside reducing river and soil pollution.

Sustainable maintenance methods have been used by the Council in Southwell since 2020 when they stopped using glyphosate in the town’s parks and cemeteries. In 2023 the Council then joined forces with Nottinghamshire County Council to begin their herbicide-free maintenance trial, committing to not using glyphosate on all open spaces and housing communal land in the area.

In these designated areas Nottinghamshire County Council now forgo the usual second spray of herbicides and the District Council support this by conducting thorough and regular sweeping of the roads and pathways to clean debris and reduce fertile grounds for weeds. While some spaces still require maintenance to remove all plant materials for safety issues, many other areas can be more gently managed.

The results of the trial are being closely monitored, firstly to ensure that obstructions do not occur on the highway, drainage systems are not blocked, and weeds do not damage the fabric of the roads and footpaths, and also to consider expanding this glyphosate-free approach across more areas of the district if the trial is successful.

Matthew Finch, Director of Communities and Environment at Newark and Sherwood District Council said: “Our Street Scene Team work extremely hard day after day to keep our community clean and tidy and, as with our other Great Big Green Week events, this is a fantastic example of the work we are doing, alongside our partners, to improve our district.

“Being able to maintain and manage green spaces without the use of harmful pesticides not only preserves the natural beauty of Southwell but also ensures the well-being of its ecosystems. I’m looking forward to seeing what a difference has been made by the end of this busy week and also as we progress with the herbicide-free maintenance trial!”

The District Council encourages residents to help keep our communities clean and tidy where they can by reporting areas where they spot issues such as littering, graffiti or any other environmental offences. This can be done on the District Council website: For more information about the Street Scene team and to report issues visit: