Open Space Strategy

We commissioned consultants KKP to prepare an Open Space Strategy (PDF File, 3,695kb) (OSS) for the district.

This strategy will now form part of the evidence base and assist in decision-making and will enable us to:

  • enhance open space to ensure that the best use is made of existing open space and that these are enhanced as and when appropriate
  • protect open space to prevent the loss of open space sites where there is a shortfall in a particular open space typology
  • enable new open space to ensure that new, good quality open spaces are planned for where they are needed by adopting aspirational quantity standards (higher than the recommended national good practice) to enable shortfalls in open space typologies to be identified and addressed

It also sets out how, by working in partnership, we will manage and improve existing open spaces across the district and identify the priority actions we’ll take forward. The strategy also identifies how we will secure new open space.