Parking dispensation scheme

Dispensations are short term parking permits (up to 14 days) for vehicles parking on streets with parking restrictions. Restrictions might include residents parking schemes, loading bays or single yellow lines.

The scheme is aimed at builders, contractors and home removal companies who need short-term parking in restricted areas to carry out work activities. You can check parking restrictions using the Nottingham TraffWeb website.

Nottinghamshire County Council is responsible for all on-street residents parking permits.

From 1 April 2023 Nottinghamshire County Council are responsible for assessing and issuing all parking dispensations. Newark and Sherwood District Council will no longer be involved in this process. 

Applying for a dispensation

You can apply for an parking dispensation online via the Nottinghamshire County Council website. 

Payment is required on approval of the application before the dispensation will be issued. 

The parking dispensation is not a general parking permit. It will state on which street and at what times it is applicable.