Appeal a benefit decision


If you do not agree with a decision we have made about your entitlement to benefits, or think it is wrong, you should contact us and ask for an explanation of the decision we have made.

You can also appeal and have your claim considered by an independent tribunal.

You must make either request in writing within one month of the date on your decision letter.  You can send your request to us via email at 

When you contact us, it’s important to be clear whether you’re asking us to look at the decision again, or whether you wish your request to be accepted as an appeal straight to an independent tribunal.

When we look at the decision again it will be looked at and checked by an officer. We will then:

  • take into consideration what you have told us
  • if the decision is wrong, we’ll change it
  • write to you and let you know what we’ve decided
  • if we decide not to change the decision, as we think it is correct, we will send you a letter explaining why

You can appeal against the decision we have made and ask us to pass your case to an independent tribunal run by the tribunal service.

You can choose to appeal to a tribunal immediately after you receive a decision notice from us, or after we have looked at the decision again and sent a letter to you explaining our reasons.

Appeal a benefit decision through the tribunal service and find out more about the process and what will happen at the hearing.