Not in Newark and Sherwood

We’re working alongside Nottinghamshire police to catch and punish fly-tipping offenders in the district.

We’re also working in partnership with neighbouring councils to target suspects.

Find out more about fly-tipping.

The Not in Newark and Sherwood campaign is part of ongoing action on fly-tipping which includes:

  • stop and check days of action in conjunction with the police, targeting vehicles carrying waste without the necessary paperwork
  • bulky waste days allowing the disposal of bulky waste free of charge in some communities
  • challenging local social media sites to stop the promotion of illegal ‘tip run’ requests and services
  • covert surveillance to snare rogue waste removal operators who take rubbish away for cash
  • shutting down public access to problem fly-tipping sites
  • relaunching and reviewing the Council’s bulky waste collection service, which allows ethical disposal of waste, is affordable and protects householders from possible prosecution

If you have information about a fly-tipping incident or someone flouting the rules, let’s use the ‘stop’ approach together:

  1. Suspect - are you suspicious about a waste carrier?
  2. Tell - let us know what you have seen
  3. Offender - we’ll follow up and pursue any offenders
  4. Prosecute - where there is sufficient evidence we’ll prosecute

Report fly-tipping