Public health

From promoting healthy lifestyles, to preventing disease, the Council has a responsibility across a wide range of public health issues.

We provide advice and information in the following areas:

If you have any questions regarding a public health issue please contact us.

Disease outbreaks

We’re responsible for monitoring and reporting any outbreak of infectious disease. We also develop plans and preparations for how the Council will respond in the event of a mass outbreak of disease.


Health improvement

Public health includes improving people’s lifestyles, inequalities in health and the wider social influences on health.

Many premature deaths are caused by lifestyle choices. We aim to address these issues through health improvement, helping you to give up smoking, eat better and get more exercise.


The Food Standards Agency is reiterating guidance on the control of the spread of norovirus based on new research.

Five strategies have been identified for controlling norovirus:

  • personal hygiene
  • food handling
  • washing and cooking food
  • surface and uniform cleaning
  • fitness to work

The research involved visits to food catering establishments, in-depth interviews, surveys and observations. Find out more on the Food Standards Agency website.