Employment and the economy

Our area has been recognised nationally as a hotspot for growth. It’s already home to more than 8,000 businesses and has a growing reputation as a centre for logistics, data management and environmental industries. Read a detailed economic profile of the district in the Newark and Sherwood economic factsheet (PDF File, 1,425kb).

Key sectors in Newark include:

  • national distribution centre (KnowHow)
  • engineering (NSK, Flowserve and Hoval)
  • ICT (Timico and Vodafone)
  • food and drink (Laurens and Daloon)
  • tourism (Center Parcs and Sherwood Pines)


There are around 70,200 full-time and part-time jobs in the district made up of:

  • service industries - 32,400
  • distribution, hotels and restaurants - 11,200 people
  • manufacturing - 6,600
  • finance and IT - 4,800

Employment levels are at 76.6 per cent which is 3.3 per cent higher than the national average. Find out more about employment in our district on the NOMIS website or read this profile of the economy about market and business structure of Newark and Sherwood (PDF File, 2,003kb).

Transport links

Newark’s geographical location and excellent transport links make it an ideal location for business. A staggering 70% of the UK population are within three hours' drive. Easy access to the A1 and the recently-dualled A46 offer fast access to Nottingham, Lincoln and Leicester, and on to the M1 and M6.

The rail connections from Newark are also excellent with travel times to London in one hour and 30 minutes. Six international airports are also within a two hour drive.