Statement of accounts

Delay to issuing audited Statement of Accounts: year ended 31 March 2022

The external audit of the draft statement of accounts for the year ended 31 March 2022 is yet to be completed by our external auditors, Mazars. Mazars are still to finalise some additional work required on the Councils’ in-year valuations and the final assurance report from the external auditors of the Nottinghamshire Pension Fund.

This situation is allowed for by Regulation 10, paragraph (2) of the Accounts and Audit Regulations 2015 (SI 2015/234), as amended by the Accounts and Audit (Amendment) Regulations 2022 (SI 2022/708)  Therefore this notification explains, as per Regulation 10 paragraph (2a), that we are not yet able to publish our audited 2021/22 final statement of accounts in line with publication date of 30 November 2022, as per paragraph (1).

The Audit and Accounts Committee considered the provisional results of the 2021/22 audit and updated financial statements at its meeting on 23 November 2022, and agreed delegated arrangements for the publication of the final audited accounts subject to no material amendments or matters arising following the conclusion of the external audit and prior to the auditors issuing their final audit report.

Sanjiv Kohli

Deputy Chief Executive, Director of Resources and s151 Officer

Statement of accounts

As a District Council, we deal with a huge budget each year.

We handle the income we receive from:

  • grants
  • council tax
  • fees and charges

We also carefully manage the money we spend on:

  • delivering services
  • paying precepts to the Parish Councils, County Council and police and fire authorities

Each year we produce a statement of accounts. We hope that it helps to tell the story of how the money you paid became the services you received. It sets out an overview of what money has been spent on during the year and highlights specific issues regarding the Council’s financial position at 31 March.

You will see that this year’s statement refers to the previous financial year, this is because financial statement of accounts are always produced one year in arrears. The external auditor's annual report is also available. The external auditor Mazars LLP, were appointed on a 5 year term in 2018 and this will continue through until 2022-23.

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