Ukrainian families welcomed to district

Posted on: Friday, May 6, 2022

British families hosting Ukrainian refugees fleeing the war in Ukraine, and refugees who have already resettled, were both invited to an evening meal last night to socialise and meet each other face to face. Organised by Newark College and supported by Newark and Sherwood District Council, the aim of the evening was to help the refugees feel part of the Newark and Sherwood community and connect hosts and refugees together.

The ‘Social Eating together’ event brought families together to share their experiences and to get to know one another.

The event which took place at Newark College on Thursday 5 May saw almost 30 people come together where they could also find out more about the services available to them in the district and to enjoy a free two course meal. Language tutors were also on hand to speak to hosts and visitors about any learning access that might be available.

Councillor David Lloyd, Leader of Newark and Sherwood District Council, said: ‘It really is heart-warming to see the community come together for a special event like this as we welcome our Ukrainian guests to Newark and Sherwood.

‘Those fleeing the conflict have been through the pain and agony of being forced to leave their homes and it’s something that no person should ever have to experience. It really is the least we could do to welcome them to the district and provide them with an opportunity to meet up with those who they share a similar background to and experience with.

‘Hopefully, more events like this are planned for the future and I hope some long lasting connections have been made between members of the community which will last a lifetime.

‘As a District Council, we are doing all we can to support families and those fleeing the war. We always will be one of the first districts to offer support when the ask comes.’

Penny Taylor, Lead for Education and Training at Newark College said, ‘We were delighted to organise tonight’s event and support those moving into our local community. There was a great atmosphere and this allowed our Ukrainian visitors and their hosts to meet each other and begin to build new social networks. Newark College will be offering ESOL courses to meet their needs. There are more events like this planned and for further details please contact Penny at or on 01636 680680.’

The district has welcomed the most Ukrainian visitors in the county. Not only does the District Council organise events like this but they play a major role in completing house checks and supporting families once guests arrive in the UK.

To find out more or if you are hosting a Ukrainian visitor, more information can be found here: