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Ordering a takeaway may no longer have to be such a guilty pleasure with the launch of the Healthier Options Takeaway. The HOT scheme is just one approach to help tackle the national obesity problem, giving people more options and showing that there can be a healthier alternative without compromising on taste.

We are working with and encouraging local food businesses to provide healthier food options on their menus and help customers manage their weight. The scheme isn't about stopping people from having a takeaway but promoting healthier options.

We are implementing a Healthier Options Takeaway (HOT) Merit scheme, where you can apply for a Merit award if you are a take away business that has a food hygiene rating of 3 or above. ‎

Testimonials from current HOT takeaways

HOT logoThe HOT Merit aims to increase accessibility and awareness of healthier options in takeaway outlets.

Many takeaways, restaurants, cafes and coffee shops already offer healthier options for their customers and display information about this on their menus. Other food outlets may offer healthier options, without realising or promoting it. With making small changes to what is offered or how food is prepared, cooked or served, takeaways can offer more choice for their customers.

There are lots of simple steps businesses can make without compromising on taste, for example:

  • Offering to grill, bake, poach or steam food instead of frying it
  • Removing salt from tables and counters
  • Switching to wholegrain pasta, brown rice or wholegrain bread
  • Offering a vegetable side or salad as part of a meal option
  • Switching from double cream to single cream, yoghurt or half fat cream fraiche in recipes
  • Promoting water or low sugar drinks, or
  • Offering smaller portion options for adults

This merit recognises those takeaways that offer healthier options and implement small changes to their menus. By achieving the merit, your business will be seen to be committed to supporting local communities to lead healthier lives. Other benefits include:

  • Increasing customer choice
  • Increasing customer satisfaction and sales
  • Enhancing reputation of the business
  • Receiving a certificate and promotional material to display in premises
  • Recognition of achievement through Newark and Sherwood District Council website and social media

Success stories

Congratulations to food businesses in our district who have been awarded the Nottinghamshire Healthier Option Takeaway merit.

The merit aims to increase the availability and awareness of healthier options in takeaway outlets. Each business must make three pledges offer healthier options.

Awarded businesses and their HOT pledges

Davison's Bakery
5 Appletongate
NG24 1JR
01636 605525
  • Offer pasta as an option
  • Offer low fat cheese
  • Offer low fat salad dressings
BJ Bakery
79-81a Mansfield Road
NG21 0RB
01636 793864
  • Offer low fat cheese
  • Use wholemeal pasta
  • Use FryLite when requested
Donna B's Tasty Bite
146 Northgate
NG24 1HJ
01636 640600
  • Not to offer salt with meals
  • Highlight healthier options to
  • Offer low fat salad dressings
Milano's Pizza
Forest Road
New Ollerton
NG22 9PL
01623 8620000
  • Use less cheese topping
  • Reduce salt usage
  • Ensure fryer oil is at optimum temperature to reduce fat intake
Rumbles Cafe
Vicar Water
Mansfield Road
NG21 9AA
01623 424836
  • Make and sell a fat free cake
  • Offer soft cheese as a lower fat alternative
  • Make and advertise children's meal chip-free (unless asked for)

Dining In
Center Parcs
Sherwood Forest
NG22 9DN
01623 827400 

  • Offered steamed rice as an alternative to fried rice
  • Ensure that salads remain on the menu
  • Provide half size portions at reduced price when asked for

The Soup Dwagon
Mobile caterer
Newark Market Place (Saturdays)

  • Remove salt from the tables
  • Offer low fat spread instead of butter
  • Use sunflower oil instead of olive oil

Kelham Hall Ltd
Kelham Hall
NG23 5QX

  • Offer wholemeal bread
  • Offer low fat cheese
  • Re-introduce salad boxes

Arty Pots
7 Church Street
NG24 1DT

  • Offer sugar free desserts
  • Use or offer wholegrain pasta
  • Use or offer no spread/butter

The Turquoise Teapot
108 Bowbridge Road
NG24 4BZ

  • Increase range of low sugar cakes
  • Ensure staff ask customers if they would like healthier options i.e. granary bread, side salad
  • Highlight healthier options in menu and use the HOT logo

Sam's Workplace
37 Preston Road
NG21 0BA

  • Buy lower salt and sugar baked beans as standard
  • Increase salad options to include onions and peppers if required
  • Look at including sugar free sweets in their range

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