Free event encouraging businesses to think innovatively considered a success

Posted on: Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Feedback gathered from the 62 businesses who attended the Global Innovation and Nimble Thinking event, hosted by Newark and Sherwood District Council last month, indicates it was a huge success.

78% of attendees rated the event as excellent. Additionally, 96% said they would encourage others to attend a similar event in the future. Feedback also suggested that businesses enjoyed hearing from leading experts and the discussions that arose with fellow participants from the presentations.

Organised in partnership with AJB Consulting and Welland Procurement, this first of its kind event encouraged business owners across Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire to think innovatively. Attendees also learnt about procurement in the public sector, how to utilise business mapping and planning and the importance of effective communication.

The event was split into two sessions and hosted throughout the day by Richard Askam. The first session, led by James Batham, senior global lawyer, focused on giving businesses the techniques needed to implement the small changes that can catapult their business. He also conducted a question and answer session in which subjects included how to initiate innovation and how to navigate competing with larger companies and brands.

The afternoon session focused on business mapping, public sector procurement, and business communication. Amanda Batham, AJB Consulting discussed how attendees could utilise their business plan to achieve their goals. Additionally, Paul Large from Welland Procurement spoke about the process of procuring for the public sector, specifically how small businesses can make the most out of the process. He provided a beginner's guide to filling out a tender and some top tips.

To end the afternoon session, Sara Harling delivered a presentation on how businesses can communicate effectively with their audience, emphasising the importance of identifying which communication tool is suitable for their business and client.

Councillor Keith Girling, Deputy Leader of Newark and Sherwood District Council, said: "I am absolutely delighted with the success of the Global Innovation and Nimble Thinking event, and I thank our partners, AJB Consulting and Welland Procurement, for their help in organising the event with our Economic Growth team.

"It was great to see our fantastic local businesses engaging with the exciting and thought-provoking discussions around how they could further propel their businesses. It was also an excellent opportunity for networking and identifying opportunities for partnership working. The atmosphere was fantastic.

"I am really passionate that we continue to support local businesses across Newark and Sherwood to thrive. I hope that we can continue to organise these events as they provide insightful information that the business community can utilise."

Amanda Batham, AJB Consulting and co-organiser of the Global Innovation and Nimble Thinking event, said: “It was great to work with Newark and Sherwood District Council on organising an event around Global Innovation and nimble thinking - a fun and very interactive session.”

Janice Holmes, owner of Janice Rose Lingerie, who attended the event on 14 April said: “I certainly feel that the Global Innovation and Nimble Thinking event was extremely important to attend, because each session offered fabulous advice that could be tailored to individual businesses, from how to push the boundaries within what you offer, to group exercises and networking.  I have definitely gained more knowledge in areas regarding procurement and tendering and how reach out and communicate more with our target audience. An event that I hope is offered again to businesses within the Newark and Sherwood region.”