Validation checklists

It is very important that you submit all the necessary documentation, information and fees (where applicable) with your planning application. Doing so means we can validate and register your application as efficiently as possible.

Further information regarding the process (including payment of fees) is available on our submitting a planning application webpage.

What happens to an application once submitted?

Upon receipt of your application, we will cross check the information submitted against the planning application requirements, as set out in our validation checklist below. 

If all of the required information is included, your application will be classed as valid and will then progress towards a decision.

If you don't supply the information we need, or the information is poor quality and does not comply with the requirements, your application will be made invalid as we can only consider and determine applications that are valid.

In the event that your application is invalid, we will write to you to tell you what you need to do to make it valid. You must then submit the required information within 21 calendar days to ensure that your application can progress to a decision.

If, within 21 calendar days, you do not provide us with the information we require (or inform us otherwise), we will send a reminder and give you a further seven calendar days in which to submit that information. 

From 1 April 2022, due to a high number of invalid applications being handled by the authority which are returned to customers we will be implementing a charge to recover the costs of handling invalid planning applications,.

Following the first validation check, should an applicant or agent withdraw or fail to provide missing information within the relevant timescales as set out in the invalid letter, the service will mark the application as closed and return any fees, less the cost of handling as detailed on our Charges for planning information website.

Planning Application Validation Checklist

The Planning Application Validation Checklist 2024 (PDF File, 1,124kb) comes in five parts that will help you with your submission.

Part 1 – National requirements (page 1)
Part 2 – Local requirements (page 6)
Part 3 – Statements and reports (page 9)
Part 4 – Application types (page 47)
Part 5 – Development types (page 65)
Appendix A (page 68)

In the majority of instances reviewing either application types (part 4) or development types (part 5) will be the most helpful in guiding you on the information that needs to be submitted in order to make your application valid.

Note: Please complete the ‘Householder Flood Risk Assessment Form (PDF File, 139kb)’ and return with your application if your property falls within a flood zone (this form is for householder applications only). To find out if your development falls within a flood zone, visit the Environment Agency website.

If you request pre-application advice you will be advised as part of our response the information that is required.

Planning Application Local Validation Checklist Consultation

We are required, by Government, to review and consult on our Local Validation Checklist for Planning applications every two years. This will ensure our Checklist is up to date and reflect current planning policies in accordance with Local and National Guidance.

The Checklist is important because it provides the basis on which we validate all planning applications. Simply, it is a tick list to help individuals make sure they have submitted everything necessary to make a planning application and is intended to make the process of submitting a planning application easier for everyone.

The Consultation

Our draft Local Validation Checklist is open to public consultation for eight weeks from 2nd April 2024 to 28th May 2024.

We will consider all comments received and amend our Local Validation Checklist as appropriate. The Checklist will then be presented to our Planning Committee in summer 2024 for final approval before coming into effect.  It will be available on this webpage upon final approval.

Consultation document

Planning Application Local Validation Checklist 2024 (PDF File, 1,191kb)

Proposed amendments (including content proposed for removal) are highlighted in red.

Please submit your comments by email to using the subject line, '2024 Validation checklist consultation’.