Bottle banks and recycling points

‌Around half of the waste you produce at home should be able to go into your silver bin for recycling waste.

Some items that can’t be placed in your bin, like glass, can be taken to bottle banks and recycling points around the District.

You can also take clothing and other recyclable materials, such as Tetra Pak cartons, to some of these sites.

Bottle bank and recycling point locations

You can download the Recycling Points in Newark and Sherwood (PDF File, 490kb) for information on where bottle banks and recycling points are located throughout the District.

Reporting problems

All bottle banks and recycling points are emptied on a schedule, depending on when they are usually full.

If you notice that a bottle bank is full, call the number on the bottle bank.  Alternatively, you can give our customer services team a call on 01636 650 000 and we’ll report the problem for you.

Glass Recycling

We will soon be introducing a kerbside glass recycling service. More information is available here: