Update on Long Bennington waste fire

Posted on: Wednesday, October 20, 2021

20 October 2021: Newark and Sherwood residents affected have received a letter from South Kesteven District Council which includes the following information:

Plans to tackle the fire by using heavy plant machinery to spread out the remaining burning material and speed up the process have been finalised and I am writing to give you prior notice that work is expected to commence from Wednesday 20 October. While there is likely to be an increase in the amount of smoke during this period, the overall aim is to reduce the long-term smouldering effects from the material on site.  

To ensure safety and monitor the effectiveness of the strategy it is anticipated that this process may take several weeks. It will need to be slow and methodical, due consideration will be given to the local weather conditions on each day to control the impacts.

4 October 2021: The Council has received the following update from South Kesteven District Council:

Having reviewed the current available information and level of impact the Environment Agency, Lincolnshire Fire Service and South Kesteven District Council today agreed to develop plans to extinguish the waste fire at Fen Lane, Long Bennington. These plans will take into account measures to reduce the impact to the community, the environment, air quality, watercourses and groundwater. Whilst we are developing plans we will continue to take actions to mitigate the impact of the fire.

It is likely that extinguishing the fire will take several weeks, it will need to be done slowly and will be monitored closely. Public health advice will be provided by UK Health Security Agency (formerly Public Health England).

Before this work commences the local community will be informed. 

1 October 2021: The Council is in communication with South Kesteven District Council regarding a fire just South of the Nottinghamshire/Lincolnshire border on Fen Lane, Long Bennington which is resulting in smoke blowing into Balderton, Fernwood and the surrounding area. The Environmental Health team are closely monitoring the incident which the Environment Agency is leading on. They have issued the below information:

With regards to the waste fire at Fen Lane, Long Bennington, The Environment Agency will continue to work with all professional partners to protect communities and the environment. Lincolnshire Fire & Rescue and Environment Agency staff will be regularly visiting the site over the weekend to actively monitor the conditions. 

For any issues relating to odour or negative impacts on the environment, please report it to the Environment Agency’s Freephone 24 hour incident hotline on 0800 80 70 60.

For any other issues in relation to the waste fire, please contact your Local Authority or Public Health England. You can contact South Kesteven District Council on 01476 406080 or out of hours on 01476 590044.

Metrological data suggests that over the weekend the wind direction may change so please be aware of the following advice issued by Public Health England:

“Residents in areas affected by the smoke should stay indoors and keep their doors and windows closed. Any smoke can be an irritant and as such, if people need to be outdoors, they are advised to avoid outside areas affected by any smoke or ash, or to limit the time that they spend in them.

Some of the substances present in smoke can irritate the lining of the air passages (nose, throat and lung), the skin and the eyes. Symptoms may include coughing and wheezing, feeling short of breath, runny nose or eyes, sore throat or chest pain. If symptoms occur, people should seek medical advice or call NHS 111. People with asthma and other respiratory conditions may be particularly susceptible to the smoke and should carry and use their medication (such as inhalers) as usual.”