Parish flood maps

Our downloadable district flood maps show the risk of flooding in certain areas of Newark and Sherwood. They also highlight where the owner of a watercourse is either the Environment Agency or Newark Area Internal Drainage Board.

Flood zones

The Environment Agency has classified geographical areas into one of three zones, depending on how likely a flood is:

Zone 1

Lowest probability of flooding from rivers and the sea, where the chance of flooding in any one year is less than 0.1% (a 1000 in 1 chance). 

Zone 2

An area with the chance of flooding in any one year between 0.1% and 1% from rivers (fluvial) or 0.5% from the sea (tidal). That’s between a 1000 to 1 and a 100 to 1 fluvial or 200 to 1 tidal chance. The outer edge of this zone is known as the Extreme Flood Outline (EFO).  

Zone 3

Chance of flooding in any one year is greater than or equal to 1% (i.e. a 100 to 1 chance) for river flooding and greater or equal to 0.5% (i.e. a 200 to 1 chance) for coastal and tidal flooding.

Parish flood maps