Silver bin for recycling

Your silver wheeled bin is for your recyclables.

Currently less than 5% of waste in Nottinghamshire is sent to landfill and that is thanks to everyone playing their part in helping to recycle.

Help us to be even more planet friendly by being bin smart. Here’s a list of what you should put in your silver bin:

  • Paper - newspapers, envelopes, magazines, catalogues and junk mail
  • Tins and cans - food tins, drink cans and aerosol cans
  • Cardboard - cereal boxes, egg boxes and cardboard tubes
  • Plastics - drink bottles including bottlecaps, shower gel and shampoo bottles, cleaning product bottles, yoghurt pots and margarine tubs

Top tips to remember are:

  • wash away any food residue by rinsing items before binning them
  • don’t put recyclable items in plastic bags
  • try separating your bathroom rubbish to make it easier when you take the bins out

The general rule to avoid contaminating your silver bin is: if in doubt then leave it out.

Missed silver bins

If your bin has been missed please complete our missed household bin online form as soon as possible. Please note that missed bins cannot be reported before 3pm on the day of emptying.

Contaminated silver bins

If your silver bin has been contaminated with items that cannot be taken, we’ll leave a sticker on the bin. Please contact us for advice on what caused the contamination and what to do next.

Common items that contaminate silver bins include:

  • glass (find out more about recycling your glass)
  • plastic food trays, punnets and containers
  • food waste
  • polystyrene and bubble wrap
  • plastic bags and cling film
  • shredded paper
  • foil
  • food and drink cartons
  • pet food pouches
  • pet bedding
  • nappies
  • toys and textiles
  • coat hangers
  • plant pots

Lost and damaged bins

If you need a replacement bin please complete our missing or lost bin online form.

If your bin is damaged, you can report this using our damaged resident bin online form so we can arrange a replacement.

We may make a discretionary charge for missing or damaged bins.

Request a different sized bin

You can request a smaller or larger bin by completing our bin exchange online form or using our resident portal 'MyNS' which will also allow you to track the status of the request. If you live in a household of six or more you may be entitled to a larger bin, however this is dependent upon you demonstrating willingness to minimise your family waste and participate in our recycling schemes.

Bins for new properties

If you have recently moved into a new property and require a bin please complete our new property bin request online form. There is a charge for new bins, which covers the purchase and delivery costs associated with establishing the collection.

If you’re a property developer and require a new bin for a property, you’ll need to contact us.

Assisted collections

Do you struggle to put your bin out for collection? We may be able to help. Complete our assisted collection request online form for an assessment.