Cherry Holt Play Park in Hawtonville is proving a hit with local residents

Posted on: Monday, August 16, 2021

Cherry Holt Play Park in Hawtonville, Newark is already proving a hit with local residents after it was recently refurbished by Newark and Sherwood District Council.

The District Council worked in partnership with playground equipment supplier Proludic Ltd to update the entire play park, making it more suitable for a wider age range of children. This includes adding three new installations that have been specifically designed for use by teenagers.

The main play area now includes a; basket swing, combination flat and cradle swing, springy rocker, four seat spring see-saw, trim trail circuit, multi play unit and spinning bowl. Outside the play area there’s a springy rodeo board, rope swing and turnfly spinner for older children.

The park has also been adapted to accommodate a wider range of abilities, making it more inclusive for the wider community including those with disabilities.

Prior to work on the park, Newark and Sherwood District Council asked for feedback from the local community about the proposed plans. The response from local residents was overwhelmingly positive.

Tim Wendels, Chairman of Newark and Sherwood District Council’s Homes and Communities Committee, said: “The Cherry Holt Play Park in Hawtonville looks fantastic and it’s rewarding to see it’s been well received by the local community. With the introduction of additional play equipment aimed at older children we hope this will help curb any anti-social behaviour in the area. It gives young people something to do and somewhere to go, especially during the summer holidays while schools are closed.

“We hope that families and teenagers take the opportunity to travel down to the site and make the most of the park during the hot summer months.”