Have your say on family activities at the National Civil War Centre

Posted on: Tuesday, June 18, 2024

While the National Civil War Centre has, well, national appeal, its heart really and truly lies in Newark and Sherwood.  And that is why its latest initiative is set to make sure that families really are at the heart of what it delivers.

Its Family Panel has just raised its welcoming banner and is calling out to families across the district to help. The Family Panel will provide an opportunity for families to share their ideas and insights which will help shape the future of the National Civil War Centre.

The Centre is keen to hear from families from a variety of different backgrounds to help them enhance their family-friendly activities and the overall experience at the National Civil War Centre.

Carys Coulton-Jones, Business Manager for Heritage and Culture at Newark and Sherwood District Council emphasizes: “We really care about our family offer, and we want to make sure it appeals to everyone.  We hope that lots of different families will want to join our panel and we look forward to taking on board all their fantastic ideas.”

“This is a great opportunity to have fun, meet new people and help make our activities as family-friendly as possible. Your views really matter, so come along and help us to dream up memorable family events for all!”

To find out more about the Family Panel, any family is invited to an exciting morning filled with family-friendly fun on Saturday 20 July, 10am to 12pm. Families can try out brand-new summer activities from a sample of Playhem to trialling the upcoming summer trail, enjoy refreshments and meet the passionate team behind the scenes who are eager to hear your feedback.

There is no pressure to join the Family Panel if you attend this morning’s activities, but it will provide you with a chance to find out more about it. To book your place for the Family Panel launch party, email civilwarlearning@nsdc.info with the number of family members you would like to attend, children’s ages and why you would like to be included in Family Panel.

Those who join the Family Panel will have access to special family events, discounts, opportunities to share views and ideas, a chance to peek behind the scenes at the theatre and museum, assistance with transport, and even half-price theatre tickets! (Subject to availability.)

To find out more and keep up to date visit https://nationalcivilwarcentre.com/ and follow @NationalCivilWarCentre