District Council uses high-definition CCTV cameras to further tackle Anti-Social Behaviour.

Posted on: Monday, March 11, 2024

Newark and Sherwood District Council has introduced a comprehensive package to improve the district’s CCTV with the aim of continuing to drive down rates of anti-social behaviour (ASB) across the district. The latest area to benefit from the upgrade of high-definition CCTV cameras is Cleveland Square, Newark.

“The improved quality of image we now get at Cleveland Square will really help us tackle ASB, thus protecting our beautiful play park there for the benefit of our local residents. The old cameras offered a certain amount of security, however with the improved picture quality, we now stand a better chance of identifying anyone guilty of anti-social behaviour,” explains Councillor Paul Taylor, Portfolio Holder for Public Protection and Community Relations at Newark and Sherwood District Council.

The improvement in quality of the cameras in Cleveland Square are the latest part of an improvement package across the district which has seen CCTV being used in ASB hotspots. These improvements have helped to drive down rates of ASB across the Newark and Sherwood. Latest figures show a reduction of 23% in ASB year on year with the overall rate down 11% across the financial year, 2023/4. *

The District Council has committed to a comprehensive CCTV camera replacement programme to enhance the quality, quantity and reliability of its network of cameras. Currently comprising of over 70 cameras, several of which can be relocated to ASB hot spots, the 24-hour CCTV network plays a vital role in tackling ASB and crime, providing evidence following reported incidents, and helping to identify and deter offenders.

“We want to work closely with residents and local communities. So, when incidents of ASB are reported to us, we can act quickly to stop them. We now stand an even better chance to track down and bring the offenders to justice. By being able to deliver better evidence and working very closely with our partners, we want to see the downward trend in ASB continue,” concludes Councillor Taylor.

The improved cameras are part of a package of measures Newark and Sherwood District Council is adopting to tackle ASB across Newark and Sherwood. Other activities include, but are not limited to, investing in safety and security measures in Balderton through the Safer Streets 5 project, expanding the Anti-Social Behaviour Team, hosting Community Safety Events for residents to speak directly with their local Council and Police officers, and in recurring or more serious cases the District Council serve injunctions and criminal behaviour orders.


*Background Information

The November 2023 Bassetlaw, Newark and Sherwood Community Safety Performance Report and ASB Assessment (BNSCSP) has shown ASB rates are down year on year in Newark and Sherwood, with rates in November down by 23% when compared to the same periods last year, and rates for the financial year to date down by 11%, compared to the county reduction of 9%.

The report also outlined a decrease of a 60% in Castle Ward and 50% in Devon Ward, both Newark town centre wards where partners from the Council, Nottinghamshire Police and the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner (OPCC) have been targeting a reduction.

Work to reduce the ASB rates in Balderton has already begun, with the District Council currently working with Nottinghamshire Police, OPCC and Balderton Parish Council on the Safer Streets 5 Project, through which a share of Nottinghamshire’s £1million of Safer Streets funding will go towards safety and security measures to tackle ASB, violence against women and girls and crime in the area.