Notts and Lincs Credit Union

The Notts and Lincs Credit Union is a fair and ethical, not for profit, local provider offering savings and affordable loans focused on your specific needs. It’s a membership-based organisation, much like a co-operative. Once you start an account you become a member and you can have your say in how it’s run and you can receive a share of any profits that they make.

As a member you can access small loans with the minimum amount you can borrow from the Credit Union being £100. Many high street banks have a minimum loan of £1,000, so do not cater for people with a less than perfect credit history. They provide affordable interest rates, offer flexible repayment terms with no penalties or hidden costs and look at more than just your credit score. More can be found on their loans webpage.  

To join the Credit Union you simply need to become a member via their website.You can also use their app to view your savings and look at available loans.