Pub watch

Local pubwatch schemes operate in Newark, Southwell, Ollerton, Edwinstowe and Boughton.

They’re part of a partnership approach to keeping communities safe as well as providing a positive forum for doing good business.

Managers and staff from pubs and clubs in our local towns meet up regularly to:

  • talk about business 
  • discuss any incidents that have happened
  • identify any anti-social behaviour by customers

Safety for staff and customers is always a top priority and local pub managers work with the police and our licensing officers who can provide advice and guidance when needed.

Anyone committing serious incidents such as assaults, drug use and damage are discussed and will be barred from all pubs in the area.

Who runs the scheme?

Local pub managers run the meetings with support from the police and our licensing team. We help by giving guidance and access to resources such as posters and drugs wipes.

How can pub managers get involved?

Any licensee can get involved with pubwatch. We’re in regular contact with most local licensees and encourage everyone to attend. For more information call 01636 650000 and ask to speak with a licensing officer.

When and where do meetings take place?

Meeting places vary between pubwatches. The Ollerton meeting is always at the same place, but the Newark and Southwell groups tend to move around and are hosted by different pubs.

How do pub managers keep in touch?

Licensees and pub staff use social media such as Facebook and WhatsApp to keep in touch during business hours. A new communications tool has recently been launched called Scheme Link - a mobile-based app specifically developed so that pubwatch schemes can share information more easily.

Is there a cost to join?

There is no cost to join pubwatch.