Change in circumstances

By law, you need to let us know about any changes to your circumstances that may impact your entitlement to benefits.

This includes any changes to your partner and dependent and non-dependent children.

Let us know about a changes to your circumstances using our online form, or call us with any questions on 01636 650000.

Examples of changes

Here are some examples of the main changes you’ll need to let us know about.


  • any pay rise or extra overtime
  • if you or your partner start or stop work or change jobs
  • if you start or stop getting any state benefits such as income support, jobseekers allowance or tax credits
  • if the amount of tax credits you receive goes up or down

Child benefit

  • if you start or stop receiving child benefit
  • if the amount of childcare you pay goes up or down

Your accommodation

  • changes to your rent
  • if you change your address (we’ll need your new address so we can contact you)
  • if you’re going to be away from home for a period of more than 13 weeks


  • birth of a baby
  • if any of your children leave school
  • if child benefit ends for any of your children
  • if anyone moves into or out of your home (for example, children, partners, lodgers and subtenants)
  • you or your partner go into hospital, a nursing home, into prison or are going to be away from home for more than four weeks.
  • someone living with you stops or starts work
  • if you or your partner stops or starts caring for a disabled person
  • if you or your partner,  or anybody else who lives with, you becomes a student or begins a youth training scheme

Savings & capital

  • if the value or amount of your or our partners savings or investments goes up or down (if your total capital remains below £6000 you do not have to tell us of any changes)