Best Bar None scheme

We’re encouraging local pubs, clubs and bars to sign up to the Best Bar None accreditation scheme.

This national award scheme, piloted by Manchester police force in 2003 and supported by the Home Office, is about reducing crime, raising standards and rewarding excellence.

Find out more about the Best Bar None scheme on their website.

What's in it for you?

Areas which have established the scheme have seen a dramatic reduction in anti-social behaviour and alcohol-related violence, enhancing the customer experience and creating a safer environment.

The rewards for licensees include:

  • the prestige of being part of the awards scheme
  • increased business within the area due to a better reputation
  • the potential of lower insurance premiums resulting from running a safer establishment

How does a licensed premises get accreditation?

The scheme rewards responsible licensees who:

  • provide good management
  • take pride in creating a safe and enjoyable environment for customers
  • discourage binge drinking
  • prevent alcohol related crime

In order to be awarded the Best Bar None accreditation, premises must simply be compliant with all aspects of the law and apply by completing and returning the Best Bar None application form (PDF File, 158kb).

Rewarding your business

In 2015, Nottinghamshire was the first county in the UK to launch a county-wide Best Bar None scheme. 

All accredited venues in the county are entered into a set of awards that are voted for by the public. Another set are awarded to a small number of premises selected from the very highest scoring accredited venues, judged by a panel of independent licensing experts.

Although the scheme is nationally recognised, it can be tailored to the local environment. As a result, the scheme in our county does not focus primarily on the late night economy, but captures all types of licensed premises including:

  • community premises such as community clubs and pubs
  • sporting venues
  • pubs
  • clubs
  • food-led venues
  • rural premises

How often will accreditation take place?

The scheme is run on an annual basis, encouraging licensed premises to keep raising standards each year. An assessment visit is carried out and all businesses that meet the minimum standard are awarded Best Bar None status, together with a plaque to display promoting their award.

Find a list of accredited venues in Nottinghamshire on the Best Bar None website.