Mystery Roman object now on display at the National Civil War Centre

Posted on: Friday, January 12, 2024

A mystery Roman object that continues to puzzle archaeologists is now available to view at the National Civil War Centre: Newark Museum.

The rare, hollow, 12-sided dodecahedron object was found by a small community dig in the village of Norton Disney and is the 33rd ever to be discovered in Britain. Their purpose and significance are unknown and has been a topic of controversial debate among archaeologists.

The unusual discovery was also featured on episode 4 of BBC2’s flagship archaeology programme, Digging For Britain, with Professor Alice Roberts.

Glyn Hughes, Collections and Exhibitions Manager at the National Civil War Centre said: It’s an absolutely stunning find, and it is amazing that even after all this time we are still unsure what it is or what it was used for.”

“We are thrilled to display this outstanding object and would like to thank the owners and Norton Disney Local History Society for loaning it to us. I am really looking forward to hearing what people think this could be.”

Councillor Rowan Cozens, Deputy Leader and Portfolio Holder for Heritage and Culture at Newark and Sherwood District Council said: “I’m delighted we have the opportunity to have this rare historical object here at the National Civil War Centre.”

“This remarkable find adds another layer to the incredible history we have in the area. We are so lucky to have such fascinating history on our doorstep and it's incredibly exciting when our community archaeology and history groups make new discoveries! I'm just as excited as they are! I encourage anyone to visit the museum to come and take a look.”

The object will be available to view at the National Civil War Centre until April 2024, with free entry for all Newark and Sherwood residents.

National Civil War Centre, Newark

Photo credit: Rare Tv and BBC