Scheduled ancient monuments

There are currently 71 scheduled monuments in the Newark and Sherwood district. They include a wide range of archaeological types, from medieval castle remains to prehistoric mounds and civil war fortifications.

Discover them by searching the national list of scheduled ancient monuments and find out more about how and why monuments are scheduled on the Historic England website.

How will scheduling affect me?

If you’re the owner of a scheduled monument (or are acting on behalf of the owner) and wish to carry out works to the monument, you’ll need to apply for prior written permission from the Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport.  Find out more about scheduled monument consent (SMC), including a guide for owners and occupiers of scheduled ancient monuments, on the Historic England website.

Certain development works may require planning permission from us as the local planning authority, but obtaining this permission does not remove the need for SMC.

To avoid the possibility of damaging a monument, and therefore carrying out unlawful works, you’re strongly advised to consult us while in the early planning stages of any intended works.