The creation of a new wood has begun at Vicar Water Country Park

Posted on: Wednesday, March 9, 2022

The first steps to creating a new wood at Vicar Water Country Park began last week, with the help of local District Councillors, representatives from Sherwood Forest Trust, and Clipstone Parish Council.

The trees are being planted as part of ‘Trees for Climate’ which is an England wide programme of woodland creation led by England’s Community Forests. Trees for Climate is supported by DEFRA and the Forestry Commission as well as The Community Forest Trust. Newark and Sherwood District Council, working with Greenwood Community Forest and Sherwood Forest Trust are working in partnership to deliver this project.

In attendance, and planting the first of the trees were, Councillor David Lloyd, Leader of Newark and Sherwood District Council, Dr Patrick Candler, CEO of Sherwood Forest Trust, Councillor Tina Thompson, Councillor Scott Carlton, Clipstone Parish Council Chair Claire Wigman and Matt Smith from the Sherwood Forest Trust.

The new wood has been planted on the Vicardale site, at Vicar Water Country Park which has been awarded Green Flag status in recognition of its excellent range of facilities, maintenance standards and opportunities for community involvement. The park is also a designated Local Nature Reserve.

In association with the mentioned partners, the District Council is planting 4.4 hectares of native woodland on previously grazed land at Vicar Water Country Park.  Over 4000 new trees will be planted to create a mixed broadleaved woodland.

A mixture of trees will be planted, including Oak, Birch, Aspen, Wild Cherry, Rowan, Hornbeam and Crab Apple. The first variety planted at the recent event were Alder whips.

As part of the Queen’s Green Canopy, the new woodland will be called ‘Platinum Jubilee Woods’ in tribute to Her Majesty.

Councillor David Lloyd, Leader of Newark and Sherwood District Council said: “It is brilliant to see the beginning of something special at the Vicardale site. We all understand the benefits the development this wood will have on our residents, the local landscape, and of course the wildlife in the area; it is a privilege to be part of the first steps in the creation of such an asset for our community.

“This wood is another element of our greening agenda helping achieve our aim of being cleaner, safer and greener.  It will also exceed our plans of planting 10,000 trees in Newark and Sherwood to help tackle the climate emergency and biodiversity loss.”

Patrick Candler, CEO of Sherwood Forest Trust said: “The Trust is delighted to work with Newark and Sherwood District Council which has made the land at Vicardale available for what will, we hope, become a number of new woodland creation opportunities across the District and, indeed, beyond.”

Nick Tucker, Project Manager for Trees for Climate said: “This is an excellent partnership project which has provided the necessary funding and woodland creation expertise to make this all happen for the benefit of nature, people and our climate. With a target of 250 hectares of new planting across Greenwood Community Forest we welcome approaches from landowners who are interested in receiving grant funding for the creation of new woodland.”

Whilst the public will not be able to access the wood while the trees establish, it is hoped that new pathways will be able to be enjoyed by future generations, as with projects such as this it is an investment into our community and our planet’s future.

The final 300 trees are to be planted at the end of the programme by community groups and volunteers.

Greenwood Community Forest will maintain the site for the first 12 years. After this time, the site should be established to a point that maintenance can be integrated into the routine running of the park. 

Local residents are also invited to get involved on Sunday 20 March for a community tree planting at the site between 10am and 2pm. More information on this event will be provided closer to the time.

To find out more visit: Vicar Water Country Park | Newark & Sherwood District Council (