Brownfield Land Register

The Council is required to prepare, maintain and publish a register of brownfield (previously developed) land which is suitable for residential development under Regulation 18(2) of the Town and Country Planning (Brownfield Land Register) Regulations 2017.

This register must meet the requirements set out by the Government and be made publicly available and updated annually. The Register (part 1) was published for 2024 and can be viewed below.

For further information please contact the Planning Policy team by emailing



Brownfield Land Register 2024 (CSV File) (CSV File, 49kb)


Brownfield Land Register 2024 [31kb]

BF0001 (PDF File, 153kb)
BF0002 (PDF File, 107kb)
BF0003 (PDF File, 171kb)
BF0004 (PDF File, 141kb)
BF0005 (PDF File, 145kb)
BF0006 (PDF File, 216kb)
BF0007 (PDF File, 239kb)
BF0008 (PDF File, 222kb)
BF0009 (PDF File, 214kb)
BF0010 (PDF File, 224kb)
BF0011 (PDF File, 133kb)
BF0012 (PDF File, 155kb)
BF0014 (PDF File, 154kb)
BF0016 (PDF File, 161kb)
BF0017 (PDF File, 132kb)
BF0018 (PDF File, 125kb)
BF0019 (PDF File, 131kb)
BF0020 (PDF File, 216kb)
BF0021 (PDF File, 157kb)
BF0022 (PDF File, 175kb)
BF0023 (PDF File, 191kb)
BF0024 (PDF File, 186kb)
BF0025 (PDF File, 350kb)
BF0027 (PDF File, 165kb)
BF0028 (PDF File, 161kb)
BF0029 (PDF File, 113kb)
BF0030 (PDF File, 173kb)
BF0032 (PDF File, 139kb)
BF0033 (PDF File, 159kb)
BF0034 (PDF File, 147kb)
BF0035 (PDF File, 180kb)
BF0036 (PDF File, 138kb)
BF0037 (PDF File, 117kb)
BF0038 (PDF File, 132kb)
BF0039 (PDF File, 117kb)
BF0040 (PDF File, 132kb)
BF0041 (PDF File, 153kb)
BF0042 (PDF File, 119kb)
BF0043 (PDF File, 131kb)
BF0044 (PDF File, 142kb)
BF0045 (PDF File, 138kb)
BF0046 (PDF File, 150kb)
BF0047 (PDF File, 122kb)
BF0048 (PDF File, 201kb)
BF0049 (PDF File, 195kb)
BF0050 (PDF File, 141kb)
BF0051 (PDF File, 210kb)
BF0052 (PDF File, 133kb)
BF0053 (PDF File, 142kb)
BF0054 (PDF File, 329kb)
BF0055 (PDF File, 183kb)

BF0056 (PDF File, 451kb)

BF0057 (PDF File, 619kb)

BF0058 (PDF File, 528kb)

BF0059 (PDF File, 466kb)

BF0060 (PDF File, 470kb)

BF0061 (PDF File, 408kb)

BF0062 (PDF File, 456kb)

BF0063 (PDF File, 517kb)

BF0064 (PDF File, 620kb)

BF0065 (PDF File, 452kb)

BF0066 (PDF File, 430kb)

BF0067 (PDF File, 417kb)

BF0068 (PDF File, 479kb)

BF0069 (PDF File, 399kb)

BF0070 (PDF File, 529kb)

BF0071 (PDF File, 373kb)

BF0072 (PDF File, 374kb)

BF0073 (PDF File, 493kb)

BF0074 (PDF File, 3,879kb)

BF0075 (PDF File, 5,941kb)

BF0076 (PDF File, 4,325kb)

BF0077 (PDF File, 3,598kb)