Tenant Local Influence Networks

PLEASE NOTE: We are currently conducting a review into our Local Influence Networks to understand their impact and how we can improve the meetings going forward. Until this review has been completed we are pausing on all LIN meetings after the Building Safety LIN on the 15 May. If you have any questions or queries please get in touch by emailing Getinvolved@newark-sherwooddc.gov.uk.

Having your say on our housing services

Following feedback from tenants, the Local Influence Network has been set up to give tenants the opportunity to speak to one another and share their views on their local community with District Council officers.

There are three specific networks for our district, one for Newark, one for Sherwood and a third for all rural locations. Local Influence Network meetings will take place every few months. There are, already, a number of willing tenants wishing to take part but more are being encouraged to join and feedback their views to help shape and improve local areas.

Tenants can get involved in many engagement opportunities, this includes policy reviews, mystery shopping, estate walkabouts and much more.

The creation of these Local Influence Networks began after tenants often expressed a desire to get involved on a local level and provide feedback and expertise on the area they live in and the District Council thought this a fantastic idea to form part of their engagement and consultation work with tenants and residents.

Residents can get involved at any time by emailing Getinvolved@newark-sherwooddc.gov.uk.

Your LIN Chairs

Photo of Richard Tracy

Richard Tracy

Newark Chair

My name is Richard Tracy and I’ve been a council tenant in the district since 2003. I got involved with Newark and Sherwood Homes in 2008, before serving on the Board as tenant director from 2009 until 2014.

Since the housing service was taken back into District Council hands, I have been involved working to improve services across the district with other tenants. Now as Chair of the newly formed Newark Local Influence Network I see my role is to listen to the concerns of tenants and leaseholders and ensure that your views are heard at the highest level within the Council on the decisions that they take on its landlord housing services, and that the Council are held to account on those services.

Photo of Dale Shaw

Dale Shaw

Rural Chair

Hi, my name is Dale Shaw and I’m the Chair for the Rural LIN. I have been a Newark and Sherwood District Council tenant for just over 3 years after being involved in a serious road traffic collision and moving into an Adapted home. I am passionate about using my skills and passion to work to improve and help to make better the housing experience for all living in a rural location as well as people like me with disabilities and giving all a voice where they are not feeling that they are being heard.

Photo of Helen Owen, Sherwood Chair

Helen Douthwaite

Sherwood Chair

Hello, I am Helen Douthwaite and I have been a tenant for 19 years. I live at Farnsfield, and I am keen to support tenants to have their views heard and to make a real difference. I am thrilled to be able to take on this opportunity and will do my best to ensure Sherwood tenants have the issues that matter to them heard.

Mike Frettsome

Mike Frettsome

Building Safety Chair

My name is Mike Frettsome, I am the LIN Chair for Building Safety which will oversee and monitor building safety in our homes and for tenants living in flat complexes where additional safety measures are being put in place following new legislation. My background is working in the construction industry, running my own business as an Electrical Contractor for thirty years. The majority of my work was in the domestic and social housing sector, working with several Housing Associations and Councils. Since retiring I was a member of the Scrutiny Panel followed by 6 years sitting on the board of Newark & Sherwood Homes. I have been part of a Tenant Involvement Group for ten years. Property and Tenants safety have always been my priority interest while serving as an Involved Tenant.

Next LIN meetings

Building Safety LIN

  •  Wednesday 15 May 2024, 10:30am to 11:30am for Broadleaves residents.

There are currently no further LIN meetings planned, please bookmark this page for future meetings.

You can also join any of the meetings digitally, please contact getinvolved@newark-sherwooddc.gov.uk  to get the link or for further information.

Community Link Groups

Our Community Link Groups complement and provide feedback to our Local Influence Networks. 

Taking place at locations across the district the Groups provide a more local focus and provide an opportunity for tenants, leaseholders and residents to raise issues and ideas that are specific to their local community. Issues and ideas discussed at the Community Link Groups will be raised to the local LIN Chair for further discussion at the LIN meetings and through to the District Council for consideration. 

More information is available on our Community Link Group webpage including details of when the next meetings are taking place. 

Become an involved tenant

Tenants can get involved in many engagement opportunities, this includes policy reviews, mystery shopping, estate walkabouts and much more.

More information on how to become an involved tenant is available on our  or you can get in touch by emailing getinvolved@newark-sherwooddc.gov.uk