Consultation on tenant satisfaction measures

Newark and Sherwood District Council tenants were encouraged to take part in a national survey from the Regulator of Social Housing which was seeking views on its proposals for tenant satisfaction measures. These measures are part of changes to consumer regulations set out in the Government’s Charter for Social Housing Residents.

The Charter was introduced after the Grenfell Tower fire and sets out the actions the government will take to ensure that residents in social housing are safe, are listened to, live in good quality homes, and have access to redress when things go wrong.

The government is proposing to introduce 22 tenant satisfaction measures which reflect the themes and issues set out in the Charter.

These proposals range from issues around fire safety and water checks to satisfaction to landlords dealing with complaints and that tenants have their views listened to and acted on.

The Regulator of Social Housing have taken the Charter as their starting point, and have spoken to tenants, landlords and sector representatives to help them develop their proposals. They aim to arrive at measures that are comparable between landlords but also allow the right amount of flexibility so that landlords can ensure their information is relevant to them and their tenants and will help them manage their own performance.

Results of the consultation will be available in later summer 2022.