Tenant Forum

We're working on it!

If you are a tenant and leaseholder with Newark and Sherwood District Council you’re in the right place.  

If you want to make a difference to where you live and the housing services that you receive, why not help us to improve what we do and how we do it?

We can help you set up safe events in your community to try to get more people involved or you can work with us individually to improve the services that we offer to all tenants. It really is up to you!

Over the next few months we are reviewing how we do things. Tenants and Leaseholders will be able to suggest ways in which they would like to see how things work. Together we will provide a menu of opportunities for all people, whether you have a day to spare, a week or even just five minutes.

In the meantime if you want to get involved now, you can either speak informally to a tenant who is already involved  or if you want a general picture about what is available at the moment, please email Vanessa Cookson (Vanessa.Cookson@newark-sherwooddc.gov.uk) or Jessica O'Brien (Jessica.O'Brien@newark-sherwooddc.gov.uk).

Keep an eye out for the new web page soon.