Work on new community garden has begun in Newark

Posted on: Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Newark and Sherwood District Council has now started its work on a new community garden on land adjacent to the Library in Newark.

The new garden will be a local hub for activity, and the District Council is looking forward to when local groups, including schools and disability gardening groups, can start to use the space.

Councillor David Lloyd explains, I’m thrilled to see the work on this space has begun. A lot of hard work and careful consideration has gone into these plans, and we have been working with many local groups to get to this point and it will be exciting to see the project come to fruition.

“We all want a cleaner, safer, greener district and this new community space will not only be of benefit to our local residents as a space for education and enjoyment, but it will also be rich in biodiversity and a safe space for wildlife to thrive.

“While I am aware that this site has been the centre of much attention in its past, following public consultation, I’m glad we are moving forward with the support of our local community all of whom I hope will enjoy the space in their own way.”

Over the last few days, the District Council has started work on various elements of the plans, including the creation of a gentle pebbled rain garden water feature. Built with safety in mind, the feature will run through the garden and attract insects and wildlife. Water butts will also feature to allow rainwater to be collected.

Local graffiti company ImageSkool also started work on the creation of a colourful piece of artwork on a pavilion area which will be installed at the back of the garden.

Once the work is complete the space will be a fantastic addition to the community to be enjoyed by all, from families to community groups. The plans for the site focus on creating an environment full of biodiversity, with areas for leisure and learning, and environmentally focused additions.

The final plans for the site include:

  • A hard standing area to the back of the space which would be accessible for a range of local disability gardening groups. It would feature raised beds, the height of which will be carefully considered to ensure they can be accessed by wheelchair users.
  • A winding path will lead visitors through the garden and will join up with existing footpaths. The path will lead to a container-like-pavilion, complete with a green roof and clad with a living wall. It will have a decking area outside for the District Council’s environmental team to run talks, workshops and activities with local community groups and school children. 
  • Clear park signage, a suggestion taken from the consultation.
  • A gentle pebbled rain garden water feature to attract insects and wildlife, built with safety in mind, will run through the garden, with a pedestrian bridge built across allowing access to the entire space. Water butts will also be added to the garden to allow for the harvesting of rainwater.
  • Planting around the space will include wildflowers, a bulb meadow, and a further purple haze wildflower meadow.
  • Fruit bearing species will be incorporated into the hedges on the site, again another addition following the consultation.
  • New trees, one Rowan and two flowering Cherry Trees, will be planted in addition to those currently on the site.
  • Appropriate seating to allow visitors to enjoy the new garden. Following the consultation, the Acacia tree seats will be kept but the proposed ring seat will not be included.

The plans were finalised last month following a public consultation. To keep up to date with the plans, follow the District Council on social media: @NSDCouncil

The plans are available on the Newark and Sherwood District Council website