Unlike annual licences that need to be renewed each year, these registrations only need to be granted once. However, should there be a change of personnel carrying out these activities, then they will also need to be registered.

If it is your intention to carry out any skin piercing activities in other local authority areas e.g. on a mobile basis, then you may need to be registered in each local authority (council) area that you are likely to operate in.

Currently body piercing is not affected by this legislation, yet it is subject to the general requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Etc. Act 1974, and associated legislation.

Making an application

You can apply online by following the link provided on this page.

Therefore for one person offering any of the skin piercing activities described above the fee will be premises plus person. For every additional person it will be extra. There is no extra charge if more than one treatment is offered/ However, if a registration has been granted and an additional treatment is required, then this would be considered as a fresh application and the appropriate fees would need to be paid.


If you intend to carry out tattooing or cosmetic piercing then you need to work to the new guidance document Tattooing and Body Piercing Guidance Toolkit (PDF File, 2,874kb)

This guidance document sets the standards and working practice that we expect all new and current tattooists and cosmetic piercers in the Newark and Sherwood area to achieve. Therefore you are asked to download and read this document and keep a copy of this guidance at the premises at all times. These standards should be implemented without delay. Progress made in the implementation will be checked on the next routine inspection.

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