We do not offer a pest control services, however the British Pest Control Association (BPCA) offer a find a pest controller service.

Pest problems at my property

The BPCA site offers useful information on the control of all pest species.

What if the problem is not on my own property?

If there is a pest problem that is not on your own property you should let your neighbour know about the problem, alternatively please contact us on 01636 650000 or use our online form.

Bee swarms

Please see our information on wasps and bees

For information on identifying bees and finding a local swarm collector please visit the website for the British Beekeepers Association.

* Local honey bee collectors will help with swarms (often twenty thousand bees or more!) rather than a few bees spotted in your garden.

Urban foxes

The urban environment can provide a very suitable environment for foxes to live, breed and in many cases thrive.

It is recommended that the general public do not feed foxes.

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