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Notes for Guidance for Premise Licence Applications (PDF File, 430kb)

Entitlement to work guidelines (PDF File, 262kb)

Premises Licence - alcohol and entertainment

Who needs a Premises Licence?

This licence is required for buildings or areas that provide:

  • The sale of alcohol
  • The supply of late night refreshments i.e. hot food or drink between the hours of 11pm and 5am (this will include mobile vans)
  • The provision of regulated entertainment - which includes the performance of a play, an exhibition of a film, an indoor sporting event, recorded music, live music, a boxing or wrestling entertainment, a performance of dance and the provision for making music or for dancing

How do I apply for a Premises Licence?

A premises licence application must be made to the licensing authority- the authority within whose area the premises is situated. If the premises is situated in Newark and Sherwood, then we will process the application.

Responsible Authorities and interested parties will be able to make representations against the proposed use or variation applied for. This means they can make valid objections against the application, giving reasons why they think it shouldn’t be allowed. The period in which representations can be made is 28 days from the day we receive the application.

If there are no representations the licence will be granted on the 29th day. If there are any representations made, the application will go for a hearing before our Licensing Committee/Panel for a decision within 20 working days after the initial representation period.

Current applications

We have received the following applications:

Land rear of Chapel Farm, Wellow. New Premise Application (PDF File, 393kb)


Premise Licence Variations

If the holder of a premises licence wish to make changes to their licence they will need to first make an application to our Licensing Service. The typical changes requested include: extending hours; removing, adding or amending conditions; altering the layout plan attached to the licence. Usually these changes will require a full variation application unless the changes are considered minor in which case a minor variation application may be acceptable by us. If the proposed changes are substantial then an applicant may need to submit a new premises licence application.

To make an application to vary a premise licence, please click on the link at the top of the page to apply online.

We have received the following applications:

Savile Restaurant & Orangery. Variation Application (PDF File, 388kb)

Review of Premises Licence

Any local resident or local business can ask the licensing authority to review a premises licence at any time, by completing and submitting an application form. A responsible authority such as the police, fire service or environmental health can also ask for a review of a licence where they believe that problems are undermining one of the licensing objectives. Local authorities must advertise the application and invite representations from responsible authorities and residents.

What happens at a review?

You are invited to attend a hearing at our offices before the Licensing Sub-Committee, which will consider the representations that made. The Licensing Authority can then modify any conditions of the licence, exclude a licensable activity, request the removal of the designated premises supervisor, suspend the licence for up to three months, or revoke (remove) the licence completely.

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